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Unlike a few decades ago, now people get most of the information through internet and media sources such as radio, television and newspaper. In order to remain in the business and making remarkable progress in the market, a company has to stay in touch with the media professionals. They always keep a lot of contact and resources in the media groups such as news castes, reporters and bloggers on the social media websites. And as the name explains, a media contact list is a list that contains all the information about the media professionals which you use in order to break news about your business or organization. The basic role to make a media list is to have good knowledge about your audience and the people whom you want to see your stories. Making this list mainly depends upon your business type and the strategies you have implemented in the corporation.

Media Contact List Format

When you want to make a media contact list, first you need to identified the population you want to reach and the products that you are making. For example you are going to launch a new product that is only for the elite class so you hire a blogger which is well known to break this type of stories for upper classes and you ask him to write a social media update about your upcoming product that will make a revolution in the market. This way you create suspense in people’s minds and for a shorter time, you let them suffer in this suspense and then, when you think it’s the perfect time, you introduce your product. Research shows that if we compare this method with a usual product introducing strategies, it’s more effective and leaves long tasting impressions on people’s minds.

Usually a media contact list includes the name, title and publication name, contact information such as mailing address, telephone numbers and emails. Here you also add some personal and professional information about each contact such as what type of stories one likes to work on or who is better with videos and who is excellent with written work.

Free Media Contact List Templates

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Media Contact List Template

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Here are the Guidelines to create a Media Contact List:

  • First of all, you need to put all the required information in one place such as the objective of your media campaign, which population you want to reach and what is your budget plan.
  • Then gather all the information about your favorite TV shows, radio programs, magazines, newspapers and media presenters i.e. reporters and bloggers. Once you have put it all together, let’s find out which one of them are interested working with your company. After that, erase the remaining and just keep the important ones.
  • Start enlisting the names of media presenters along with their address and contact information. It’s up to you if you want to deal with important ones first or all of them at the same time.
  • Then put a little about each contact such as what’s his specialty, which technique he likes to work on and how much will each charge.
  • If you have more than one products or stories to introduce in media, you can assign each to separate contacts or if you want, just hire a single contact from each category.

Important Contact List Uses

You may have not noticed that your contact list can directly generate your sales. Being an owner of a running business, you may have a detailed contact list of people. Best use of this contact list will excellently work for you. Well-structured contact list can be prepared from any pre-designed Contact List Template. Some ideas are going to be part of this post that if utilized will definitely work for you. These ideas will have varying levels of effectiveness. But be aware that more personal the contact, greater the chances of a sale. It means an in-person interview is more effective than mass mailing.

During in-person interview, advantages of eye-contact, voice inflection and body language are obtainable. This idea is extremely effective in generating sales. By obtaining advantages of in-person interview, you can satisfy your customers about your offer by declaring what is in it for the client to do his business with you. This is fundamental for all sales.

Much more can be found or said on direct mail. Using direct mailing depends on how targeted mailing list is and how effective is in getting prospects to open it. In this case, effective envelope of letter is describing the product or service. This envelop also state how competitive offer is to what the receiver is currently using.

Call-to-action pieces can be distributed using mass mail but are often delivered by hand. This strategy includes:

  • Door hangers
  • Coupons
  • Flyers
  • Posters

These pieces have an offer within a limited time frame to respond. Offers by these pieces have specific requirements for criterion to take advantage of the offer. To use this strategy, best way is of teaming up with another business and share your client lists. You can find a business that may be offering a complementary product to yours. You can also do a joint offer to both lists involving both businesses.

You should consider using your contact list for referrals generation. Your contact list is a profitable idea for getting referrals as each of the people of your contact list knows two hundred and fifty people or may be more than this.