Address List Templates

An address list is just like a diary but with few changes. Each page is labeled as an alphabet of English such as A, B and C where each page contains two columns, a large column for the address and small column for the phone number of the same person. You can find different kinds of address lists in bookshops and stationary centers. Some of them are quite big so that you can only put them in the briefcase or globe box in the car where you can also find a pocket address book which is so small that you can fit in into shirt’s pocket. There are number of advantages of keeping an address list but the most important benefit is that if you have got yourself in some accident and no one has any idea who you are and what’s your home number, the address list in your pocket or briefcase can help them to find number of your father, mother or partner. Also if you have lost your cell phone and you don’t remember numbers of your family members and friends, you can use this address book to contact them.

There is no way of living around your relatives, friends and closed ones the entire life and eventually you have to leave them and live at your own. It starts the day you move out of your parent’s house and start your own job and live alone in an apartment. There is no solution to this problem and each one of use has to go through this phase at least once in life time but staying in touch with those loved ones is in your control and you can certainly do that. You can write letters to your friends, cousins, siblings and grandparents or you can call them from time to time. Either you want to write them letters or talk to them over phone, you will need their street addresses and contact numbers to write or call. And that’s not something that you can keep in your college notebook or office inventory file but you have to make a separate record of those addresses and phone numbers and the book that contains this type of information is called an address list or book.

Free Address List Templates

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Address List Template 01
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Address List Template 02
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Address List Template 03
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Address List Template 04
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Address List Template 05
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Address List Template 18
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Address List Guidelines:

  • First of all, you need to decide if you want to make this book on computer or in documented form. You can buy an address book from the market if you want depending upon your needs. Also you need to decide if you want a pocket address book or regular sized book.
  • The first page of your address book needs to include all your personal and contact information so that if you lost it, the founder can return it to your address.
  • The second page of your address list should contain the emergency contact information of your family members so that if you get in an accident or some other situation, the people around you can contact your family members.
  • Then you need to label the remaining pages of the book with the English alphabet such as A, B, C etc. This way you can put the names starting with each alphabet on separate pages so that it’s not very difficult to find a name.