Fitness Log Templates

Fitness Log is a documented proof of your progress in losing weight or eating balanced diet. This log also helps to achieve a perfect and healthy body either by exercising, working out or talking less calorie food. This is an essential part of a person’s life who is trying to lose or gain some weight. This log contains the amount of the calories you are taking and the amount of workout you are doing. A person who thinks is fat, creates such a log to find out his daily workout, routine works and the food he eats. A Fitness Log may contain different elements or ingredients according to individual situation but two elements are essential in every fitness log which are; calorie consumption and workout amount.

Fitness Log is very helpful in weight losing or gaining process as it tells one about the food he is taking, calories that food includes, his body needs and the amount of workout he has to do to burn the extra calories. Many fitness logs come with special or customized elements which help a person in his particular situation such as a fitness log may contains the information of the sweat a person is producing during workout or the measurements of his body before and after the exercise. Athletes and other players use this log on regular basis as they need to know about the change of each single calorie or pound in their bodies. Also those persons who have some kind of disease such as diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure, they need to maintain a perfect diet and workout in order to stay away from the medicines and as well as hospitals. If someone is very fond of eating junk food or lots of chocolates but he doesn’t want to get fat, he can use the fitness log to keep a record of every calorie he takes and the amount of workout he needs to burn the extra calories.

Here is preview of this Fitness Log Template created using MS Excel,

It’s not essential that you consult a physician or gym instructor to create a fitness log for you as you can do it by yourself. There are many websites that offer to make a fitness log free of cost and you don’t have to do much effort too. But if you don’t want to do that, you can prepare a fitness log by yourself by using just a paper and pen. Also you can do it on computer by making a new spreadsheet in which you can enter the different amount of the calories you take or hours you spent working out. Although it’s not that important as you can understand your body better but it’s better if you consult a health instructor to create a fitness log for you.

General uses of Fitness Log in our Daily Lives: