Blood Sugar Log Templates

Blood sugar which is also knows as blood glucose in general language, is the body is fuel that goes to brain, nervous system and other tissues and muscles of the body. A healthy and perfect body produces blood sugar from carbohydrates, proteins and fats and it’s very important to keep making it because a human body can’t operate without blood sugar or glucose. Although blood sugar is essential for the body but excessive amount of it is also dangerous for the human body and initiates many diseases and body failures. The sugar is absorbed into the blood directly from the intestine and suddenly increases the blood sugar level in the body. The human body also releases insulin which keeps the blood sugar level from increasing too much or damaging the body. As the sugar in the blood is carried to each cell in the body, if body is not producing insulin, the remaining amount will remain in the blood and cause serious damages to heart and muscles.

A Blood Sugar Log is a documented process which helps a person to maintain a good sugar level which his body requires. This prevents him from eating excessive amount of sugar or carbohydrates which will need to be burned by some other process like exercise or workout. A person who has disease of diabetes, is a person who’s body is absorbing sugar but not producing insulin so there is nothing stopping the body from producing excessive amount of sugar so he needs to keep a proof of every item of food he takes on in other words, every gram of sugar he eats which can result into some serious situation. When a person with diabetes problem consults a physician, he is asked to keep a blood sugar log which shows how many calories he has taken and what amount of sugar it will result.

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This log is very helpful if your body is not producing natural insulin and you have to take it manually according to your needs and the requirement of your body. This way you can be certain about the amount of sugar you have taken and the amount of insulin you need to take to balance it. There are many websites that offer you to create a blood sugar log online without any cost and you don’t have to do much effort. But you can prepare such log at home as it’s very simple and you just have to follow some simple steps. You can make the log with a paper and pen or use a computer program to create a spreadsheet.

General uses of a Blood Sugar Log in our Daily Lives:

  • This log is very effective in order to take oral medications to control your diabetes.
  • It’s very helpful for diabetes patients as they have to take a prescribed food item and in a mannered amount too.
  • As you need to burn your calories which also results into lower your blood sugar level, this log helps you to do exercise or workout.
  • It also helps to take a specific amount of insulin after eating a food item.
  • This log helps doctors and physicians to create a diet plan for diabetes patients.
  • Health instructors use this log to create a workout plan for their clients.
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