Organogram Templates

Here is my collection of 21+ Free Organogram Templates & Organizational Charts. These organogram charts assists you in the office & staff management. The good news about these chart is that, they are very easy to edit if you have basic level of MS Office usage skills. So what you are waiting for, click on the links below to start downloading these organogram templates.

Organogram Template is used usually by organizations to display their company’s staff details. It is really helpful for newcomers to understand who is working under who’s supervision and where to report an incident if you come across during working in that company. It also helps other companies to interact with their counter parts when they have to deal with them regarding routine business matters.

The growth and prosperity of work force and the organization as a whole depends upon the upper management. In vertical type of organization where the upper management has all the rights to take key decisions, in this type of scenario if the management is wise enough to make good decisions then it will improve the organizational reputation and will bring ease for the workers. On the other hand, a weak upper management that make poor decisions makes the whole organization suffer.

Vertical Organogram is an ages old structure followed by private, government and education sector. It has its efficiency and positive outputs. If organizations adopts some advance strategies, it will help them to eliminate the flaws in it.

These are quite a basic Organogram Templates but that doesn’t mean it is useless. It can provide you all the basic elements to help you create your own Organogram for your business organization.

Free Organogram Templates

Here are previews and download links of these organogram templates.

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Formal Organization Structure

Organization structure is necessary to encourage efficient operations of the business. In case of the commencement of new business, it is necessary to draft a formal organization structure that will make your work easy. It helps you to determine and explain the purpose of your business or corporation. Although it takes time to design formal organization structure but after designing you can accomplish your major tasks. While designing formal organization structure it is necessary to consider the mission of your organization so that you can efficiently design a perfect structure for your company. Organization structure should be flexible enough to accommodate the recent changes in the organization for its growth. It is necessary to design important provisions for the supervisors to consult the regular operations and overall working for the organization. Formal organization structure usually defines all specific roles of the organization.

Structure for Formal Organizations

Hierarchical organization structure is used by formal organizations to detail all important aspects in writing with some room for interpretation. This structure helps you to define official supremacy configuration at all levels of interaction.

Functional structure is considered ideal to bring harmony among different departments of the organization. Usually, each department works according to the functional organization structure. For instance, marketing department will work as “President supervises marketing manager who supervises the work of individual team heads who are finally responsible for the guidance of junior team members”.

Divisional structure is also used to make the divisions of different products such as Yarn Division, Cloth Division, Cotton Division etc.

Things to Consider in Formal Organization Structure

If you want to design a perfect formal organization structure then you have to start from mission statement of the organization. Mission statement of the organization should contain important and encouraging points in the benefit of organization so that you can design a better organization structure.

  • Communication is important part of each and every organization therefore it is necessary to take care about smooth flow of communication to ensure the innovation and efficiency in the performance of employees.
  • Centralized and formal organization structure usually designed on the top to down approach with strictly defined work roles. It is necessary to determine the nature of organization while designing formal organization structure.
  • Organization structure can be department based or project based according to the nature of business. Department based organization structure usually divided into line function and staff functions to encourage smooth flow of communication.
  • Chain of command is necessary to design to determine the important names and their roles in the organization. If you have multiple leaders then you can divide them to overall organization according to their qualifications to promote better work flow.
  • You have to determine authority and level of responsibility before assigning any position to any person because only good leaders can lead their team in better way. You have to determine the whole reporting and communication process in formal organization structure to make the work of other persons easy.


Informal Organization Structure

Informal organizations are quite different from formal organization because of lack of structure and role designation. Mission statement is important organizational element that contributes a lot in the construction of the business. Formal roles are only designated in case of membership desire. Organizations structure is necessary for both types of formal and informal organizations to get maximum advantage from the resources of the organization. Leadership of the informal organization is based on the interactions of organic group. This group works to fulfill goals of the organization to bring more advantages for other members of the organization. Informal organization structure is based on the corporate culture, social structure, behaviors, interactions and the social connections within the organization. Lots of organizations feature both formal and informal structure according to the nature and size of the business organization.

Characteristics of Informal Organization Structure

Informal organization structure is defined by the patterns, behaviors and interactions that stem from personal relationships. Informal organization structure focuses on the people and team work according to the roles of team members. In informal organization structure, the information flows without reporting structure because informal organization structure basically focuses on the roles of the personnel exists in the organization.

Structure of Informal Organization

Information organization usually has social structure that oversees collaborate working of people. This structure features summative of norms, different connections and relationships that are usually built while working together where people share cluster of affiliations. Social structure has dynamic set of private associations, social networks, common interest of communities and emotional motivational sources. Typically, an informal organization develops complex social dynamics of its members. Usually, informal organization harmonizes explicit structures, strategy and procedures of the formal organization. Informal organization structure will help you to enhance responses of unanticipated events and cultivate innovations to solve different problems.

Role of Mission of Informal Organization

Mission statement is important part of informal organization because it is necessary to have sound reason for the existence of informal organization. It helps personnel to work while focusing on the actual mission of the organization. Lack of formal documentation decreases the complexity of informal organization structure. Typical informal organization structure has simple mission with clear goals. It helps the members to know their responsibilities and benefits as well as resources available in the organization. Mission should be drafted properly with mutual goals for the convenience of all individuals. It helps all individuals to achieve mutual goals without cooperation. Informal organization structure can band together around such goals and function without formal structures.

Leadership in Informal Organization Structure

Informal organizations rely on the established aptitude of their members with regards to particular areas of activity. Established aptitude of the members is required in the absence of officially designated leaders. Members require technical skills to act upon lots of technical activities for the benefit of organization. Communication skills are necessary for the success of informal organization because without communication skills you cannot convey your message. Leaders are responsible to keep track of verified competencies on the basis of scrupulous area based on the current accomplishment and past reputation.