Driver Log Templates

Either it’s public transport or a private transportation company; all the vehicles are operated by humans. This way it’s important to take care or look after the drivers to keep them healthy and not asking them too much to provide. For example a company asks a driver to drive a truck to another state and when he is back from three days driving, he is again asked to go back on the road without proper rest or sleep. He may think that he can do that but sooner or later his health will be affected by the continuous driving and less sleeping at night. Also every country has its own rules and regulations regarding this scenario and all the transporters are asked to provide some rest to their drivers and not to send a single driver on two long drives in a row. But it’s not that easy to maintain a record of the driving hours of a driver or the time he took to get some sleep so this is the place where a driver log comes in handy.

Driver Log is a documented proof of a driver’s time on the road behind wheels and the time he took to rest. All the drivers are required to fill out a form before they leave with the vehicle and whenever they reach the point where they are supposed to take a few hour rest, they enter that in the form and go to get some sleep. After that when they are again refreshed and ready to operate a vehicle, they put that time in the form and start driving again. This driver log also shows what a person or driver is capable of and about how many hours he can continuously drive a truck. Also when an inspector checks the procedures and implementations of the government rules in a transport company, he asks to see these log files which clearly show about the time a specific driver spent behind wheels and his estimated work hours on weekly basis.

Here are previews and download links thse Driver Log Templates,

Driver Log Template 01
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There are many websites that offer to create a driver log online and you don’t have to pay a single penny but if you want, you can make such a log all by yourself. If you think you are creative enough or have knowledge to operate a computer program, you can design the log at home. If you like you can prepare this document only by a paper and pen. If your company is big enough and you and your drivers are using any online software, you can create a spreadsheet to make the process easier. This way you don’t have to wait until the driver comes back and you see his log file but you get regular updates as any one put a single entry in the log file.

General uses of a Driving Log in our Daily Lives:

  • Transporters use this log to keep their driving staff healthy and fit.
  • They use this log to estimate the average driving capacity of all the drivers which help them in the future to assign a delivery to the most capable person.
  • It’s used to warn the driver that he has spent just enough hours behind wheel and it won’t be a good choice to driver more.
  • Transporters use this log to show the work hours or their driving staff to a government checking inspector which checks if the company is obeying all the laws or there is a violation or rules.
  • This way the transport company keeps its employees satisfied and healthy and also it helps to keep them motivated.

Auto Mileage Log Templates

Many countries have driving laws and all the transporters have to follow and obey them. Sometimes these rules and regulations are driver related and sometimes its vehicle related. Also most of these laws and regulations are made and implemented by government transport related agencies but sometimes its possibility that the transported itself create and implement some rules in order to maintain a perfect work environment. For example a transporter may ask all his drivers to keep a record of their driving duration and hours they spend behind the wheel where another transported may ask his drive related employees to regularly check the vehicle and keep a record of every inch of it. An auto mileage log is also a vehicle related record keeping document which helps the driver and the owner to service the vehicle after specific amount of mileage the vehicle has covered. This auto mileage log can be a typical paper work or computer based program which keep the owner or manager u-to-date on regular basis.

Auto Mileage log helps the driver to keep the vehicle running and working smoothly and avoid any accidents or huge fault in the engine or body of the vehicle which can cause a serious accident or damage on the road. For example if a driver is not keeping a record of the duration the truck is been on road without a full service and oil change, the dust or expired Mobil oil may damage the engine or even cease it. by keeping an auto mileage record the driver is certain about the upcoming time when the truck will need oil change or full body services such as after 2000 kms or 3000 kms. The air pressure in the tires is also very important and needs to be checked after every 500 kms. If the driver is not aware about the lower air pressure in the front or rear tires, it may cause a serious accident on the road if it crosses speed of 80km/hour.

Every transport company has its own rules which may or may not get affected by the local law and regulations. And also it’s not that uncommon that a common person uses this log to maintain his own vehicle like a car, bike or pickup truck. No matter what type of vehicle you are using and what’s its size, you have to regularly get it services and take it to the auto workshop for monthly maintenance such as change of lubrication or other parts like brakes and filters. There are many websites that offer to create a free auto mileage log on internet which you can later download in your computer but you can prepare such a document by yourself. You just need a paper and pen to prepare a simple and easy homemade mileage log. Also you can create a spreadsheet on your computer to keep updating the mileage and running hours of your vehicle.

General uses of an Auto Mileage Log:

  • Drivers use it to always have knowledge about their vehicle either it’s public or private.
  • Transporters use this log to maintain their vehicles and to change the oils and other engine parts before they get expire.
  • Individuals use this log to keep a record of their own vehicles at home and to change the lubrication and parts before time.
  • Public transporters use this log to keep a record of each of their vehicles and to use it whenever an inspector is checking the quality and maintenance services of the vehicle.