Employee Work Schedule Templates

It is a challenging task to manage employees in any organization, whether it’s a big or small one. A number of organizations have fixed daytime hours; however, there are many businesses that stay open 24 hours a day, e.g. hospitals, restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, call centers, etc. In such places, the management must create work schedule for their employees so that they can work in shifts and the company’s work won’t stop at any time. Moreover, creating and managing a proper employee work schedule is important because employees feel discontented and restless if they have to work long hours and/or have to follow an unjust work schedule that do not allow them to plan their own personal activities.

As said above, it is important to create a fair and proper work schedule as it helps in resolving various conflicts at the workplace, promoting goodwill among the employees, increased productivity, satisfied customers, and thus, maximizing the profits of the organization. Employee work scheduling is a solemn obligation, which needs to be done properly, as it can improve the performance and reputation of the organization.

Here is preview of a Free Employee Work Schedule Template created using MS Excel,


A carefully planned Employee Work Schedule ensures that employees are available at the right time and place, and helps in checking any imbalances in demand and supply of employees. It also allows the employers to create harmony in the workplace as employees know what is expected of them and when.

Keeping in view the importance of employee work schedule, we are listing here contents of a proper Employee Work Schedule. These are as follows:

  • Number of employees in a specific activity
  • Job description
  • Start and end time of a shift
  • Change of shift timing
  • Employee holidays

An Employee Work Schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the nature of the organization and the work style of a manager. To create a proper employee work schedule, a few important tips are given below:

  • Before creating a schedule, consult the employees to know their availability and issues in order to avoid the situation where the schedule is totally or partially ignored.
  • While creating a schedule, keep in mind the objective of balancing the requirements of the organizations with the personal requirements of the employees.
  • Be approachable and more open to employee requests regarding working hours in order to gain their loyalty and dedication to their work. This also allows you to create more efficient and functional work schedule.
  • Be watchful of overtime because the regular presence of overtime will cost the organization extra money as well as it may increase workload on the employees.
  • Once you finalize your work schedule, stick to it and avoid frequent changes in it as it will lose its credibility altogether.

In short, an employee work schedule should be well-thought-out as it not only helps in managing workloads and keeping the workplace in order, but also it makes the employees feel more in control of their life as they can plan their days better.


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