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No one is sure when these Wanted Posters started circulating the society for the first time. But most of the groups agree that it was somewhere near the beginning of 1800s. This was the time when law enforcement agencies started printing these posters and announcing the wanted criminals and other notorious individuals in the society.  A typical wanted poster contains a basic sketch of the wanted person on the page. It also includes some information i.e. name, appearance, whereabouts and other important elements.

Wanted Poster History

Although at that time, painters were asked to paint the face of the person who was on the loose but that picture was not very clear and because of this factor, the success rate of these posters was very low. That was the time when people and law enforcement agencies used to rely only on the biographical details of the criminals i.e. their physic, appearance, accent, any identity marks and race. With the passage of time, when everything start getting smarter and we saw new technologies with each passing day, slow changes were also made to these wanted posters.

In the middle of 20th century, actual photos were added to these wanted posters when we started capturing photos and pictures of people. With adding the actual photo of the criminal on the wanted poster, a revolution came where these law enforcement agencies especially FBI and County Sheriff’s office got very successful with these wanted posters. Because of the accuracy of the physical appearance and the biography of the criminal, the success rate started getting higher and higher with each passing year.

Uses of Wanted Poster Templates

Talking about the earliest use of these Wanted Posters, it started in the West of America where there were number of notorious criminals and robbers who used to rob banks and rich families. These robbers were the most common criminals who made space on most of these wanted posters at that time. The basic idea of using a wanted poster is to inform and alert the citizens about a criminal who is on the loose and might harm someone. Not only that when people came to know a criminal whose face was on the poster that they got more suspicious and careful but most of the time, these common residents and individuals also helped the law departments to apprehend these criminals.

Wanted Poster Format Guide

The information that was included on the Wanted Poster depended on how much and how accurate information and details the law enforcement agency had on the criminal. For example, most of the times, these agencies only had a general sketch of the robber or murdered but no specific name where sometimes it was opposite of that i.e. they had the name of the criminal but nothing else. Besides these basic details, there used to be the contact information of the agency who wanted to apprehend the criminal and the most interesting thing about this poster was the reward. In case the agency wanted the criminal very badly, they used to add rewards on the poster and notify the public that the person with the information about the wanted criminal will get reward from the police or sheriff’s office.

Free Wanted Poster Templates

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