Grocery List Templates

Download these 28 Free Grocery List Templates in MS Word, MS Excel and PDF format to help you prepare your own Grocery List quickly.

It is very common in our daily lives to prepare grocery lists either at the end of every week or month. Females usually in a home are responsible for preparing this grocery list. But sometimes men can do it as well. So a common objective is to get a grocery list template that can help them in creating a good looking grocery list. Here we are going to share with you some grocery list templates.

Using Grocery List Templates:

You know that these days, people prefer to shop at supermarkets or grocery stores. Where they can find each and every item under one roof. They don’t need to go to different places to buy meat, dairy, bakery items and oils. When it comes to the supermarkets. They have a pattern to put the items that are related. For example, you will find bread and other bakery items in one aisle and the oils in another aisle. In the same manner, all the meat and chicken products are kept in a separate aisle.

This way it’s easier to locate the items and check your list while you drop them in your trolley. To prepare a grocery list, you can do it in whatever way you want. But it is better if you categorize your list according to each type of food. Here we are going to show you an idea about how you can categorize your foods on the grocery list.

Grocery List Templates in MS Word:

Here are previews and download links of these Grocery List Templates in MS Word format.


Grocery List Templates in MS Excel:

Here are previews and download links of these Grocery List Templates in MS Excel format.


Key Elements in a Grocery List:

Bread and Bakery:

No matter in which country you live and what kind of lifestyle you are living. Bread is like the most common food item in the breakfast these days. This is like the most preferable food item that is eaten by persons of each age group i.e. children, adults and old people. This is why, it is important that you enlist all of your bread types in a separate category on your grocery list. Along with bread, this section will include all the other bakery items such as muffins, flours, pastries and biscuits.

Seafood and Meat:

Seafood, chicken and meat products are kept in a separate freezer in super markets and grocery stores so you need to make a separate section for these food items on your grocery list. Here you can add various types of chicken i.e. boneless, breasts, legs and wings where on the other hand, you can also collect different types of seafood items such as trout, boneless fish, shrimps, lobsters and other foods. You can also find turkey and lamb meat in the same section.

Rice and Pasta:

Rice is the second most preferable food item that is consumed by the people around the world at lunches and dinners. Usually people don’t eat any kind of rice in the breakfast but in some Asian countries such as Pakistan and India, people eat sweet rice in the morning too. Here you can choose your preferable kind of rice according to what you or your family likes. It’s important that you prefer brown rice as it’s the best one among all the other types and whole-wheat pasta is also very good for each group of age in the house.

Sauces, oils and condiments:

It is not possible to enlist all the oils and sauces that are consumed around the world but it only depends on your choices and the type of food that you prepare at home. Usually tomato sauce, soy sauce and chili sauce are the most common ones that you can find in every grocery store. When it comes to oils, the choice is again yours as you can chose canola oil or olive oil if you want.


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