Employee Task List Template

Managers and professional team leaders know that the key to success and professionalism is to give your employees something they feel they are bound to achieve. Mostly in offices, workers come every day and perform the same old duties that they are doing for years or months which sometimes seems frustrating, so you need to sugar coat the same old job into the bowl of new goals and achievement to conquer. This way you offer them something that they haven’t seen before or make them see what they didn’t notice before and there is nothing more motivational than this. Employee task list is something that managers and team leaders use in order to assign different tasks to number of employees in the office. This way each single employee knows his actual duties and the things or acts he will be held responsible for and it also makes the manager’s work much easier as by keeping this list, a manager knows what the duties of each particular employee are and who is in charge of what.

Employee Task List Benefits:

One of the most frequent tasks of a manager or team leader is to constantly increase the productivity of the office but there is no easy way to do so. You can’t simply pressurize the employees to work hard or spend more hours in office, but you need to try something different this time. Research has showed that there are basically three things that increase the productivity; rewards and incentives, supervising and teamwork and daily task lists. By telling your employee what to do and how to do, overseeing their work and performance and keep them motivational by offering bonuses and rewards on target achievements, is the best way to increase the output without changing much in the workplace. By using this task list, employees build self-esteem and manage to finish their work where others are still doing theirs and acting like an obstacle in the way to the finish line. Now the manager or supervisor doesn’t need to ask each employee about a mistake or error but he only calls the particular worker who is in charge of that part so the remaining team continue their work and don’t get disturb.

Employee Task List Guidelines:

  • There are basically two types of employee list; one for each separate employee and other for the head of the department that includes the duties of all the employees. You need to decide what kind of list you want to make.
  • Start by putting the company name at the top of the list or better use a company letterhead. Then mention the name of the department in which the list is going to be used.
  • Then put the name of the head of the department along with the total number of employees in that department.
  • Then enlist the tasks that the department needs to be done and in front of each task, mention name of an employee who is responsible for that task.
  • If you want, you can also mention the time that each task will require to complete and also the starting and finishing date for each task too.
  • At the end, put special remarks regarding a task or employee.
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