Task List Template

Here is good looking Task List Template created using OneNote by our staff members. It helps you to create your own task lists with time tracking capability. No need to mention that It is easier to edit and very handy in daily use. Despite from complex nature of this field, it has simple design and basic look & feel.

Projects are divided into several phases, which include planning, resource gathering, hiring, preparation for the project execution etc. Once the work will start, the pre-planned tasks will then be synchronized with the project task list to keep pace with the time. These tasks depend on the size of the project for their size, required time and needed resources. In some of the cases, major paperwork is included in the project and becomes an essential task of a project which is the responsibility of the team; so that is also listed in this list and is worked on at right times.

There can be several other tasks, which can be listed in this project task list according to the nature and category of the project. Some computer software-oriented project task lists have the capability to keep track of the progress of a project on the entered tasks and gives a greater idea to the user about the pace and performance of the team on various tasks which comes under the respective project.

Computer software-based task lists provide the option to work on multiple projects at one time, where the manager can add tasks to several projects simultaneously without intermixing the tasks and hence it becomes easier to manage multiple tasks and multiple projects both at the same time.