Task List Templates

Here are Free Task List Templates in MS Word as well as in MS Excel format hand picked by our staff members. It helps you to create your own task lists with time tracking capability. No need to mention that It is easier to edit and very handy in daily use. Despite from complex nature of this field, it has simple design and basic look & feel.

Projects are divided into several phases, which include planning, resource gathering, hiring, preparation for the project execution etc. Once the work will start, the pre-planned tasks will then be synchronized with the project task list to keep pace with the time. These tasks depend on the size of the project for their size, required time and needed resources. In some of the cases, major paperwork is included in the project and becomes an essential task of a project which is the responsibility of the team; so that is also listed in this list and is worked on at right times.

There can be several other tasks, which can be listed in this project task list according to the nature and category of the project. Some computer software-oriented project task lists have the capability to keep track of the progress of a project on the entered tasks and gives a greater idea to the user about the pace and performance of the team on various tasks which comes under the respective project.

Computer software-based task lists provide the option to work on multiple projects at one time, where the manager can add tasks to several projects simultaneously without intermixing the tasks and hence it becomes easier to manage multiple tasks and multiple projects both at the same time.

Free Task List Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Free Task List Templates in MS Word as well as in MS Excel format.

Task List Template 01
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Task List Template 02
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Task List Template 03
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Task List Template 04
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Task List Template 05
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Task List Template 06
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Task List Template 07
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Task List Template 08
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Task List Template 09
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Task List Template 10
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Task List Template 11
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Task List Template 12
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Task List Template 13
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Task List Template 14
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Task List Template 15
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Task List Template 16
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Task List Template 17
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Task List Template 18
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Task List Template 19
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Task List Template 20
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Although it’s good that you complete your tasks on daily basis but sometimes the routine is so tough and busy that you can’t spare time to finish daily basis tasks. Also not all tasks are that essential to do on daily basis such as you may want to clean your house on daily basis but you don’t want to go downstairs and clean the basement often but you do that on period routines such as on weekends or at the end of each month. Weekly tasks are those tasks that are big and can take a while to complete but also can wait for a weekend to start or finish. But the thing is that even if you have the whole weekend to complete those chores but that doesn’t mean you will only work on the weekend and won’t have any fun or spare time to watch a movie or go out on a picnic. You just have to manage your weekly tasks and find a way to complete them in minimum time. A weekly task list is like an organizer that efficiently provides you enough time to complete all jobs and still have some time for fun.

Benefits of using Weekly Task List:

when you manage your weekly tasks before time, you can estimate the time you will need to complete all the tasks and then you can plan to go out with friends or invite someone to lunch or dinner. By using this list, you put all the tasks in one place and then you can see which task in more important than others and needs to be done on priority basis where the tasks that can wait for another weekend, you keep then on the side. For example, you don’t have to mow the lawn grass on every weekend or clean the basement after every 7 days and this kind of stuff can wait for another weekend but washing the bed sheets, curtains and cleaning the kitchen cabinets can’t wait for that long and you need to do them on every weekend.

Guidelines to create a Weekly Task List:

  • First of all, you need to remember all the tasks that you want to do this weekend and then make a list of them. Now think which one of these tasks can wait for another weekend and how many tasks need to be done as soon as possible. Highlight the most important tasks and put the less important ones at the end of the list.
  • If possible, keep updating the list throughout the week every time when you remember a task or see something needs to be done on this weekend, put that in the list.
  • If it’s not much, try to make two lists for each day of the weekend. This way you can manage your time and tasks more efficiently.
  • Put an estimated time of completion for each task and if you want to do it on a specific time, mention that too.
  • If you want to make others in charge or some of the tasks, mention their names for each task and inform them about this list.
  • Also put a small description of each task so that you don’t forget what it actually is. For example, “Shopping for kids” is not enough but you have to write that you want to buy new shoes, socks, shirts and trousers for your kids.