Lesson Plan Templates

Download these 28 Free Lesson Plan Templates to study  before create your own Lesson Plan for the first time. Moreover, experienced teachers can easily learn from these samples to improve their existing lesson plans easily.

Save Time with Lesson Plan Templates:

This is like the most important benefit of the lesson planning in schools and colleges. You know that in each educational institute, there is a specific time schedules usually an hour for each student and class. In that one hour, the teacher needs to complete the lesson for today but when he/she is not prepared before or didn’t plan anything, it will take more time to figure out what needs to be added in the lecture and what is not important to add. With lesson planning before class, it’s easier and efficient for the teachers to consume their time in an effective way and for students; it allows them to learn more in less time.

Here are several Lesson Plan Templates. No matter how small school you are running or may be managing a home school, you must need to do lesson planning for all the courses and classes being conducted in your premises. Here are some Lesson Plan Templates to quickly assist you in this process of managing your school learning activities more efficiently.

Lesson Plan Templates – MS Word Format:


Plan Your Course with a Lesson Plan:

When a teacher plans each lecture or lesson for each day in the starting on the semester, it provides an estimation duration when the course will be completed. This way when teacher finds out that the course is not going to complete in time, he can skip less important stuff or leave them for later and add the more important lessons in the beginning. On the other hand, when the teacher finds out that he will have some time spare at the end of the semester or session, he can use that time to elaborate more important stuff in more than one lectures.

Benefits of using Lesson Plan Templates:

This is a very common issue among students and teachers that they usually don’t know what will be taught tomorrow or day after that and so on. This way when a very important lecture is scheduled, some students take sick leave and miss that important stuff which is very difficult for teachers and students to recover later. With lesson planning, students can find out that which lecture that need to attend must and what lessons they can skip in order to take a leave for any kind of personal reasons.

Planning Test Schedules along with Lesson Plan:

With lesson planning before actual classes or in the beginning of the educational session, teachers can find out that how much days they will have spare in order to conduct tests in the class. This way, they can schedule these tests even before months and let the students know about the scheduled tests so that when a test is conducted, no student misses it by accident. On the other hand, it also gives enough time to the teachers and students to prepare for the tests in time.

Lesson Plan Templates – PDF Format:


Lesson Plan Templates – Key Point:

With lesson planning, teachers can skip the boring introductions and less important stuff. This way it will be more interesting to listen or learn only the important stuff and students won’t need to hear about the boring stuff in each class. This also helps the teachers to add only the most important stuff in each class and this way they will have more time to consume in the class.



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