Project Plan Templates

Here is our collection of 20 Free Project Plan Templates to help you prepare your own project plan. If you need to explore more choices, please check out our Action Plan Templates and Event Plan Templates.

In businesses, projects are everything and business plans can’t be executed without effective project plans. Each company and organization works with various clients. Depending upon the type of the company, they can be different types of projects that clients or company executives assigns.

To complete the project effectively and deliver the desired results. There needs to be a project plan that defines the next few days or even months to complete their the project.

Free Project Plan Templates 

Here are previews and download links for these 20 Free Project Plan Templates in MS Word format.

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Steps to create a Project Plan:

It usually depends on each company and organization that how they create their project plans. Most of the time, the project planning process includes the following steps;

  1. Presenting and Explaining the Project:

This is the first step in order to plan a project. When a company wants to plan a process for a project. They can’t just go with it only by approving it by the employees and managers. In fact, the stakeholders and owners are also very important to include in the plan. In this step, supervisor of the planning committee explains the project in front of the company managers, directors, owners and stakeholders. After they approve it or make some changes, it’s good to go.

  1. Defining Responsibilities and role of each Participant:

After receiving approval of the project from the stakeholders and managers of the company. It is time to include the employees or participants of the project. Usually a project includes more than 1-2 dozens of employees before starting the project. Hence it is important that each of them has clear vision of what company wants to see at the end of the project. They also need to understand their responsibilities of each of other participants.

  1. Defining final Goals and Targets:

This is where the in charge of the project explains the cause of executing the project and what are the outcomes that the company wants to see at the end. It can be for anyone and anything. Most of the time, the project is completed to deliver to a client of the company but it can also be for the company too. Goals give the participants a clear image of what they have to achieve out of the project.

  1. Assigning tasks to each Participant:

Once the supervisor of the project makes various sections of the project, it is time to assign a particular job to individual employees. This way it is very easy to assess their work and examine their performances. At this stage, each participant of the project gets to know what he actually will be doing until the finish line and how his work is associated or related to other employees.

  1.     Explaining the Milestones:

Once everything is set, it is time to explain what the milestones are and what will happen when the participants accomplish a milestone. For example, supervisor can say that when they achieve the first milestone of the project, there will be a 2 days vacation for all the employees working in the project or he can also say that when they will achieve the middle milestone of the project, there will be a celebration for the employees.