Business Budget Templates

Download these 7 Free Business Budget Templates to help plan your own business budget this year.

Commencing a new business requires lots of preparations and planning because these are lots of things to perform and lots of finances are required therefore it is necessary to design a business budget to deal with all business expenses appropriately. Your business budget should address fixed expenses, flexible expenses and startup expenses. In order to smartly cover all expenses, you have to prepare a business budget containing all possible expenses required to setup your business. You have to study your target market to effectively identify your niche. You have to design a successful business model according to your plans and market trends. It will help you to plan your funds and then allocate them according to your needs. It provides you guidance to design a perfect budget for your business.

Business Budget Templates – Usage Guidelines

Business budget planning is equally beneficial for both small and large businesses. Preparation of business budget depends on the nature of the business because different activities are planned according to it. In order to make your work easy, I am going to share some tips to design effective business budget:

  • In first step, you have to plan for startup expenses of the business because these are onetime expenses and are necessary in order to setup your business. Startup expenses include office supplies, furniture, computer etc. Startup expenses clearly depend on the nature of business.
  • Divide your expenses into different categories such as fixed assets, variable assets, and accidental expenses. Fixed assets are required to pay on monthly basis including telephone bills, property rent, salaries and different other expenses that are required to pay on monthly basis.
  • Write details of flexible business expenses and make a separate category for it because these expenses keep changing month to month such as business card, outsourcing services or business parties etc. Marketing expenses can be fixed or variable depending on your marketing expenses so fixe appropriate income for this purpose considering the nature of your business.
  • Predict your monthly income and adjust your expenses according to it. Your prediction should be based on the sales trends of your business for this month in order to estimate your expense accurately.
  • Track your business spending for each month before making your budget. Check remaining money after paying your fixed and flexible expense to plan other expenses. Make an adjustment account to deal with extra expenses.
  • List all income sources to estimate write amount of income and add your profit in the saving category. This will help you to determine total worth of your business.
  • Update budget of your business on monthly basis to make sure to track all incomes and expenses on monthly or bi-monthly basis considering the nature and size of your business. It will be good to give reference of previous budget and get details of previous budget to get help.
  • Keep your budget organized on monthly basis to update all new income and expenses for proper management.

Free Business Budget Templates 

Here is preview of Business Budget Planning Template that can help anyone running a company to prepare its Company’s Budget easily,


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