Business Proposal Templates

Download these 34 Free Business Proposal Templates to assist you drafting your own official Business Proposal quickly and effectively.

Business Proposal Format Guidelines

A Business Proposal Format is quite similar to other kind of proposals where as terms and conditions always follow like a shadow. If you are preparing a professional proposal, you shall study existing samples as much as you can. This will give you enough information about standard Business Proposal Format and Layout. Moreover, it will also guide you towards quality contents to convince your proposal reader to achieve your objective.

You can easily prepare your desired Business Proposal once you grasp a good grip over its Format and Key Elements. Just complete the contents as per standard format and you will come up with a professional proposal. While drafting your business proposal, keep in mind that it is one such opportunity to make a difference. You can leave first impression to its reader that can follow to fulfill your overall objective. Certainly an error free, synchronized and systematic content appeals the reader. Therefore, below are certain guidelines which will help you in preparing a convincing Business Proposal Format.

Checkout these free Business Proposal Templates to assist you.

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Preface of Business Proposal

Write a perfect Preface of your Proposal by convincing your reader about the importance of this proposal. Explain what problems arose that least you to write this proposal. Once you convinced your reader here, its quite easy to make up his mind to accept your proposed solution. Hence follow a gentle and subtle tone, write genuine content and adopt a professional style of writing. Keep in mind that your client might get same kind of proposal from your competitors as well. Hence, you must focus one something out of the box and unique to present.


Using Business Proposal Templates

Give your proposal a well deserved title related to the problem you are suggesting solution for. Place current date either on the left or the right side below the title. Below that, you can start writing details about your company and past achievements. Add your company’s logo, full name, acronym and complete address. Also address the client by his name (individual or company) and address. Ensure that these information are correct especially, the name of the client and his designation.


Contents of Business Proposal

When starting your proposal content, first introduce your company. Include true facts and figures of your company progress in not more than 4-5 sentences. In the next paragraph, describe the business proposal. Since, you are preparing a Business Proposal Format, the key information is the proposal. Thus, keeping this in mind, give all the necessary details about the business. Include the products, services, management, key features etc.

Advantage Section of Business Proposal

In the next section, mention the advantages that both the parties will get if the proposal is accepted. Also mention your unique features and why your proposal has an edge over your competitors. Once you are done with this, you can finally come to the main point, i.e. the pricing. No company can make deals for free. If you are doing business, you will charge a fee for making profits. But there is always a subtle way to convey your message. Do not use harsh language neither mention the price directly. Rather, you can mention the break-up of the cost incurred, growth potential, market conditions etc. This will give the client a clear indication about the price. Then lastly, you can quote the range you want to offer.

Closing your Business Proposal

End the Business Proposal Format in a positive tone, hoping to crack the deal. Sign off the proposal mentioning your name, designation and the company name. You must include your contact details clearly in the last section.