Emergency Contact List Templates

An Emergency Contact List is something that you always keep with you in case you get yourself in some trouble or unusual situation. This list is equally useful if you keep it in your pocket on the road or at your home for the convenience of your child or other family member. This list can also be very helpful for the babysitter who is watching your kids at home when you are out of town on a business meeting or family emergency. If you are not at home, you family can find various information in the emergency contact list such as a plumber in case there is a water leakage in the kitchen sink or an electrician if there is some problem with the electricity. There are many websites where you can find number of ready-made contact lists but if you want, you can also make it by yourself.

Emergency Contact List Benefits:

Let’s see you are on the road and someone gets into an accident and you call 911 but you also want to inform the family of the injured person but you don’t know who he is and who you should contact in this situation. If that person has an emergency contact list in his cell phone or in his diary, you can easily inform his family about this situation. Emergency contact list contains the names, phone numbers and addresses of your family members and friends. You can put this “In case of emergency” information in your cell phone, wallet or diary that you always keep with you. You can also use this information yourself if you lost your phone and you want to inform your family members that you need their help. There are practically dozens of other benefits of this contact list such as you put this list in your wallet so if you lose it, the person who finds it knows who to contact in order to return the wallet. You can put this list in your child’s back pack so if you lose him in a crowded place, you will be contacted by the person who will see the child alone and abandoned.

Free Emergency Contact List Templates

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Emergency Contact List Guidelines:

  • First of all, you need to decide if you are making this list for yourself or for a workplace like an office or warehouse.
  • At the top of the list, distinguish one name from others which will be the first choice of people to call and if there is no answer to that number, then it’s time to go down the list. Here include the name of the person, his office number, street address and home number and personal cell phone number.
  • Then below that, make number of separate sections for each kind of emergency such as in case of fire call this person or if there is a water problem, call this person.
  • This way you can make number of sections so that in case of emergency, it’s easy to find the appropriate person to call.

Emergency Call List

There wasn’t any concept such as making an emergency call list before 2005 when a British ambulance worker thought of this idea and spread it out in the world. He proposed that each person should have a list of contact names, contact numbers and addresses which is called “In case of emergency” list. This way when someone is in danger or needs help but he can’t talk or tell anything about himself, people find out his emergency call list and call the people listed on that list. This could be any situation such as a road accident, heart attack, unconsciousness or sudden death. Adults keep this information in number of forms such as a file in their cell phone, a contact named as “In case of emergency” or the first page of their diaries in their bag pack. Everybody needs to keep such a list all the time with themselves but when it comes to kids and school going children, it’s more important to advice them to always keep an emergency call list with them.

Benefits of having an Emergency Call List:

There is nothing difficult about understanding the needs and importance of an emergency call list. When someone gets in an accident, the surrounding people can use this list to call the relatives and family members of the victim where if someone very old has lost the address to his home, any pedestrian can help getting him a taxi and using the call list to mention that person’s address to the driver. In a crowded place, if a child has lost his parents, the people around him can use the emergency call list in his back pack to call his parents or any other family member. If a person is suffering from a serious disease, he also puts his doctor’s number in this list just to make it easy for the people to get him some medical help. That doctor can help a lot for the treatment of this person as he is aware of the history of this disease.

Here are the Guidelines to create an Emergency Call List:

  • First you need to decide whether you want to make a simple list on a paper or in a log form. In case you have few numbers to add in the list, a simple format is better where if you have a lot of names and addresses to add, its better if you go with log format. Also you need to decide if you want to make it full size or you will keep it in your wallet.
  • At the top of the list, mention that it’s an emergency call list. Then below that, put your full name, street address and home telephone number.
  • Then start enlisting the number of the people that you want to call in emergency such as a family doctor, plumber, electrician or babysitter.
  • In front of each name, put its relevant info such as address, phone number, time of the day when he or she will be available.
  • If you have listed some of your relatives and friends in the list, also mention their relationship with you and the best way to contact them.