Wedding Schedule Templates

A Wedding is a once in a life time occasion. Once you have decided to get married, planning your wedding and having it go well is extremely important to you and your spouse. Here I am going to share with you Free Wedding Schedule Templates to help you prepare your very own.

When your wedding date is set and all the details are established, you will need to plan your wedding and make all arrangements so that the occasion becomes a memorable one not just for both of you but for your guests as well.

Writing your wedding schedule is one of the things you must do. The wedding program or schedule will be distributed among your invitees so that they know what to expect, where they need to be and to prepare themselves in advance. It includes the order of ceremonies and the list of participants.

Wedding Schedule Templates Guidelines

If your guests know where to go and what to expect, things will move along smoothly and you can avoid goof ups on your wedding day.

The First Step

Research everything from the venue to the caterers and the DJ to the decorator. This will take several months while you decide on which DJ to have and which decorator to use. You probably have a separate diary in which you are jotting down information as you gather it. Keep a separate section for the wedding schedule and make notes as you go.


What to include?

Obviously the wedding schedule will include the date and time of the wedding. Other things that can or should be included are:

  • Your personal agenda before the event. Like visiting the beauty parlor, the time you plan to leave home, the time you plan to arrive at the venue, the time your spouse will arrive, the time of the vows.(include this only if the schedule is for your personal use).
  • List of Ceremonies. (If you are having an engagement party or a dinner bash before or after, you can include those).
  • Date time and venue of each ceremony.
  • Directions to reach the venue from various directions including important land marks.
  • The order of events like arrival, song to be played, entry into the venue, the vows, any speeches etc., songs to be played later.
  • List of participants like best man, maid of honour, bride’s maids etc., and their roles.
  • The time you plan to leave the venue and arrive at the reception. The bridal march, songs to be played before and after the march. Any special toasts etc. that you plan to make.
  • Thank you note to both sets of parents.
  • Thank you notes to any special guests.
  • A list of songs or hymns that will be played and the lyrics so that the guest can sing along.
  • Information about “something borrowed something blue.”
  • A guest request form for the DJ if you plan to allow guests to put in requests for songs.
  • The time you plan to leave the reception and arrive at the hotel.

Finalize the Wedding Program

Once all arrangements have been finalize, you can prepare the wedding schedule. Ideally this would be one month or at least 15 days before the D-Day to give the printer sufficient time to print the program so that it can be sent out with the invitations.

Printing or Writing Invitation

Some couples choose to write their own program. For this many printed blanks for wedding schedules are available. You can purchase sufficient quantity of those and write out your program by hand to give a personal touch.

Free Wedding Schedule Templates

If you choose to have it printed, the printer who will be printing the invitation can show you templates for wedding programs too. Select a design that you like and then write down the schedule in the form required by the template.

Here is preview of this Free Wedding Schedule Template created using MS Word,


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