Wedding Party Brochure Templates

It is obvious that when we talk about a Wedding Party Brochure, it is used in wedding and marriage ceremonies, but different people use it for different wedding purposes. For example, a couple who is getting married in a few weeks, use this wedding party brochure as the invitation and sends it to their friends and relatives informing them about the wedding and the details of it i.e. reception, ceremony, after party and rehearsal dinner as well. On the other hand, professional party planners and venue organizers use the wedding party brochures to advertise and market their business. With these brochures, they advertise their services, the type of weddings they organize, number of people they can handle in a wedding and the details of satisfied high value customers they handled in the past.

Designing a Wedding Party Brochure:

Whether you are a couple who is getting married in a few weeks or days or you are a professional wedding organizer or planner, you can use this wedding party brochure for whatever purpose you want i.e. invite friends to your wedding or advertise your wedding planning business. You can also design this brochure by yourself and that means you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the designing and hiring a professional designer for this purpose. You just need a computer and a little knowledge of how a design program works in a computer. The most important thing that you need is the creativity. The more creative you are the better design of the brochure you can think of. Gather the information that you want to put on the brochure and start the designing by following the below guidelines and tips.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Wedding Party Brochure Template we have created to help newbie get started quickly with his own brochure design,


Important tips to follow while designing a Wedding Party Brochure:

  1. Focus on the readers who will read or take interest in the brochure:
    It is very important that when you want to use the wedding party brochure for advertisement purposes for your business, you focus on the readers or the audience that you want to target with the brochure. This means that you only include what customers might take interest in and leave the less important stuff out.
  2. Get the number of people who will receive the brochure:
    Before you start printing the brochures, make sure to count the people who will receive the brochures. Include the friends, relatives, family members, neighbors and coworkers who you want to invite to your wedding with the brochure and then print appropriate amount of brochures without spending too much on the printing.
  3. Include your own pictures on the brochure rather than going with readymade photos:
    When you want to use the brochure as wedding invitation, always take your own pictures and use them on the brochure as this will look more interesting and creative and the guests will feel closer to you when they receive the brochure.
  4. Focus on the main section of front cover of the brochure:
    The front page of a brochure is what attracts more people and if you want to use the brochure for advertisement purposes, you should focus more on this section and spend less time on the inner pages.