Wedding Invitation Flyer Templates

Wedding is an event full of enjoyment and happiness. Mostly people have had wedding once in their entire life and hence this is very memorable event for them for a life time. Sending Invitation is also a fun part but requires a bit technical skills in selecting a best wedding invitation card or template. Here are some Free Wedding Invitation Templates for you to assist you in this part of your wedding ceremony.  You just need MS Word or MS Publisher installed on your machine in order to edit these templates after downloading.

For preparing wedding invitation cards, here are some useful tips for you:

  • Always prepare invitations 1-2 months prior to the wedding:
    This is like the most common mistake that people usually make that they don’t order or even choose the wedding invitation cards on time. If you want to stay out of the stress near the wedding, it’s better to order the invitation cards at least 1-2 months prior to the wedding day. This way, you will have enough time to write the names and address on the cards and send them.
  • If you want to stay cheap, go with handwritten invitations:
    It will be very efficient to go with printed invitation cards but when you want to cut back on some expenses and stay in a limited budget, it’s better to go with handwritten invitation cards. These cards are very common these days and you can ask any of the printing company to print simple designs for your wedding cards.
  • Always count your guests and then order the invitation cards:
    People usually order thousands of cards without counting the actual number of guests that they want to invite to their wedding and when they receive such a huge amount of cards, they just regret wasting a lot of money on the extra cards. This is why, it’s important that before ordering the invitation cards, count how many people you want to invite to your wedding and then you can order a dozen more than that number just in case you mess up some of the cards.

Free Wedding Invitation Flyer Templates

Here are previews and download links of these Wedding Invitation Templates,

Wedding Invitation Template 01
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Wedding Invitation Template 02
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Wedding Invitation Template 03
Size: 290KB
Wedding Invitation Template 04
Size: 262KB
Wedding Invitation Template 05
Size: 207KB
Wedding Invitation Template 06
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Wedding Invitation Template 07
Size: 11KB
Wedding Invitation Template 08
Size: 54KB
Wedding Invitation Template 09
Size: 355KB
Wedding Invitation Template 10
Size: 94KB
Wedding Invitation Template 11
Size: 4KB
Wedding Invitation Template 12
Size: 55KB
Wedding Invitation Template 13
Size: 564KB
Wedding Invitation Template 14
Size: 85KB
Wedding Invitation Template 15
Size: 2MB
Wedding Invitation Template 16
Size: 4KB
Wedding Invitation Template 17
Size: 1MB
Wedding Invitation Template 18
Size: 47KB

Here we are going to share some ideas of wedding invitations with you:

1.       Engraved wedding invitations:
This is like the most common type of wedding invitation that is used by people around the world. In this type, an impression by a steel or copper plate is used on the paper instead of traditional stamping. When these impressions are put on the paper, it looks like the words are engraved or carved on the paper.

2.       Thermo graphed invitations:
Although the engraved printing looks more elegant and fancy but it’s very expensive too. This is why mostly people turn to thermo graphed invitations which give the same impression as the engraved printing but it’s actually another way of printing while using different and cheaper technique.

3.       Off-set printed invitations:
This is again a very preferable and common type of wedding invitation that is used these days. Although it’s kind of very old according to latest trends but it’s cheaper and when people are planning their weddings while staying in a limited budget, they usually choose off-set printed invitations for their weddings.

4.       Handwritten invitations:
Those who want to give their wedding invitations a personal and friendly touch, use handwritten invitations. The design is printed on any kind of paper but there is no wording or addressing on the invitation but the couples write their own words with hand.

5.       Contemporary invitations:
This is a great way of giving a personal touch to your invitations by choosing contemporary invitation cards. This can be of any shape i.e. heart, cupid, the picture of the happy couple or anything that one likes and the color scheme also depends on each individual’s choice.