Wedding Budget Templates

Download these 7 Free Wedding Budget Templates in MS Excel to help you plan your wedding budget effectively.

Wedding day becomes one of the memorable day of your life therefore it is necessary to throw a wonderful wedding party. There are lots of things from decorations to refreshments and favors that are necessary to organize for your wedding reception. These all activities require enough amount of money and sometime you have to spend your all savings or to borrow money from bank. If you want to avoid any unfavorable situation then it is necessary to plan a wedding budget because a wedding budget will help you to organize everything within your budget without taking any loan. Well planned wedding budget will help you to organize a glamorous wedding so you have to plan a wedding budget to make your all arrangements easy and organized.

Free Wedding Budget Templates in MS Excel

Here is a preview of first Wedding Budget Planning Template using MS Excel.


Planning Your Wedding Budget

Wedding budget planning is an essential task that can make your wedding arrangements easy and for your help I am going to share some tips for wedding budget planning:

  • In order to plan your wedding expenses, you have to arrange a meeting with your fiancé to talk about wedding arrangements. You have to determine how much finances you have to prepare for your wedding reception.
  • Prepare your guest list considering your close friends and family members. Size of your venue and quantity of food will be based on the number of guests you want to invite to your wedding. If you have limited budget then keep your guest list short so that you can cut your arrangement costs.
  • Select a date for wedding in the off season to save your money because in peak season you have to pay extremely high prices for all arrangements. You can choose fall or winter season because weddings in these seasons are cheaper than weddings in summer.
  • Try to search for a free venue to arrange your ceremony such as local park or a beach etc. You can also arrange your wedding in the large backyard of your relative in order to save your money.
  • Create a complete list of everything you want to add in your wedding list and then arrange them according to your prioritize. Write all important things on which you want to spend more money such as wedding dress, photographers, decorations etc. Allot funds appropriately according to your needs.
  • Thoroughly analyze your list and cut down all unnecessary expenses. If you can borrow any item from friend then borrow it instead of spending money on it. Get decorations, chairs and tables on reasonable prices.
  • Contact those people who offer some discount such as florist, baker or photographer. Try to call those persons to whom you personally know. You can get the services of your friends for decorations and cooking to save your expense.
  • Design your invitation with the help of MS Word of MS Publisher to reduce designing and printing expense. It will help you to design a personalized wedding card to invite your guests to the party.


Free Wedding Budget Templates: 

Wedding Budget Template 01
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Wedding Budget Template 02
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Wedding Budget Template 03
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Wedding Budget Template 04
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