Christmas Gift List Template

Christmas is like the most important and biggest social gathering of the family members and friends all over the world. It’s the celebration of birth of Jesus Christ and Christians celebrate it by inviting their relatives and friends to the lunch or dinner. Also when it’s Christmas, you have to get presents for each of your family members and if you are invited to your friend’s house, you probably want to consider getting present for each person in that house too. Although nobody will ask you or blame you if you don’t get gifts but it’s like an obligation or essential tradition. Around Christmas when you have to buy presents for a number of people which include younger, teenagers, adults and grandparents, you have to dedicate quite a time to come up with an idea to get such a present for everyone which they like. Females are a lot more expert then men in these situations but some of them also don’t know what to choose or simply don’t have time. The best thing you can do is to prepare a Christmas gift list.

It’s a simple list which includes the names of the people that you want to get presents for, your relation with them and what they bring you the Christmas last year. This way you can come up with an idea for each one of them and you can also estimate the money you are going to need for the gifts. Once you have updated the list with names and gift types, you can ask each one of them if they like anything particular for the Christmas or you can get them whatever you want. Usually people that are close to you such as your spouse, kids and parents can ask to bring them a specific gift that they need or will like where the friends don’t do that unless it’s very close friends. You need to use your imagination and intuition in order to get these people presents. If you are planning to organize a party, you can also use this list to check the coming guests and afterwards, you can mention it on the list what they gave to you as the Christmas gift.

Here is preview of this Christmas Gift List Template,


Christmas Gift List Guidelines:

  • Put the date of the Christmas date on the top of the list so that you always remember how many days are left in Christmas and how many gifts you have to buy more.
  • Then mention the budget that you have in your pocket and you want to shop staying inside that budget. This way you can divide that money in equal parts for each one of them.
  • Then enlist the names of all the family members that you want to buy gifts for. If anyone has mentioned a specific gift, put that in front of his or her name.
  • Then put the estimated money for each gift in front on each so that you can make sure there is no need of extra money and this amount is enough.
  • When you buy a gift for someone, mention that on the list so that you remember you have bought the gift already.