Product Marketing Brochure Templates

Companies, organizations and manufacturers use different techniques for marketing and advertising their products and services in the market and to make the people familiar with what they present or offer to the customers. Distributing brochures is also a marketing tool and it’s probably the most powerful and affordable marketing tool around the world. This is the single tool that is suitable for any kind of business either you own a shoe store, a cloth showroom or if you are realtor.

When a company wants to market its product among a targeted audience, it uses product marketing brochure. On one hand, the distributor or marketer can make sure that the brochures reach only the desired people where on the other hand, the marketer can also control the expenses required for the designing and printing of the brochures.

Designing a Product Marketing Brochure:

The companies and organizations that are conducting business in the market for a good amount of time have enough resources to spend on the designing of the brochures but when we talk about a start up business that doesn’t have huge amount of resources or big deal of money, it can create a problem for such company and its owner to spend a lot of money on the designing of a product brochure.

Luckily, it is not a very difficult job to design a product marketing brochure by yourself and if you have a computer and a little knowledge of how a design software program works, you can do it without any professional help. Below are the simple tips and guidelines for creating or designing a good and effective product marketing brochure for your company but before you go through them, you need to conduct a research either in the market or on internet to see what kind of brochure you prefer and what the current traditions are regarding the designing of a marketing brochure.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Product Marketing Brochure Template created using MS Word,


Tips for designing a Product Marketing Brochure:

  1. Gather the details you want to put on the brochure:
    Before you start the designing process, you need to gather or collect the details and information that you want to include on the brochure. This includes the details of the product, its pictures, specification, your contact address and the address of the stores or outlets where the product will be available for the customers.
  2. Find out how much you can spend on the designing:
    At this step, you need to find out and evaluate how much money you have which you can spend on the designing of the brochure. There are hundreds of types of brochures and each of them costs different so you need to go with the design that is affordable for you.
  3. Understand your audience:
    Here you need to understand what kind of product you want to market and what kind of people you want to target with the brochure. With this knowledge, you can design exactly what people want or desire to see in a brochure.
  4. Use a simple yet attractive design:
    You don’t need to complicate the design of the brochure in order to prove your point but you can use a simple font with a very simple and easy design and still convey your message to the audience effectively.

A wonderful collection of Product Marketing Brochure Templates.

Tri Fold Brochure Template 01
Size: 1MB
Tri Fold Brochure Template 02
Size: 2MB
Tri Fold Brochure Template 03
Size: 4MB
Tri Fold Brochure Template 04
Size: 8MB
Tri Fold Brochure Template 05
Size: 79KB
Tri Fold Brochure Template 06
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Tri Fold Brochure Template 07
Size: 220KB
Tri Fold Brochure Template 08
Size: 371KB
Tri Fold Brochure Template 09
Size: 480KB
Tri Fold Brochure Template 10
Size: 2MB
Tri Fold Brochure Template 11
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