Identity (ID) Card Templates

An ID card is one of the wisest and most beneficial creations of Man. It is basically unique to every person, male or female, and is proof of the person’s identity. Identity cards are one of the most important possessions of every citizen of a country, student on an institution, or employee of an organization. An Identity Card generally carries personal information of the individual it belongs to. Personal information included name of the individual, physical features, religion and the country he or she is resident of etc. Depending on what type of group or authority the Identity Card has been issued by, it may contain additional information.

The government authorities of most countries issue National Identity Cards to each individual after they have reached the specified age; the age for registering for an ID card differs by country. For example, for Singapore it is 15, whereas, in Pakistan a person applies for a National ID card at reaching the age of 18. Not only by the government, but these cards are issued by other authorities as well. If you are a student of an institute, it is likely that you will have a Student ID number exclusive to yourself only on the ID card issued by that foundation.

Similarly, if you are working with an organization, you will be allotted an Employee Number with an ID card. The use of Identity Cards has brought great benefits to Mankind. First and foremost, identification of a person whom you are not acquainted with personally can be done using this creation. All you need to prove who you are is an ID card which should be present in your wallet at all times. You need to submit copies of ID cards in almost everything you do, whether you want admission in an institute, you are applying for driving license, a passport or a Visa. This, beyond doubt assures of the significance of an Identity Card. If you’re a student, you might be eligible for scholarships in internships or discounts at stores or restaurants; how would it feel to be making promises in front of the manager, trying to prove your identity? Embarrassing, of course. However, production of the ID card of your school or college will help make things easier for you.

Free Identity (ID) Card Templates

Here are previews and download links of Free Identity (ID) Card Template using MS Word,

Identity (ID) Card Template 01
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Identity (ID) Card Template 02
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Identity (ID) Card Template 03
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Identity (ID) Card Template 04
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Identity (ID) Card Template 05
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Identity (ID) Card Template 06
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Identity (ID) Card Template 07
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Identity (ID) Card Template 08
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Identity (ID) Card Template 09
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Identity (ID) Card Template 10
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Identity (ID) Card Template 11
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Identity (ID) Card Template 12
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Identity (ID) Card Template 13
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Identity (ID) Card Template 14
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Identity (ID) Card Template 15
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But as the saying goes, what has a good side has a bad side too. If we put light on the other side of the coin, Identity Cards have certain disadvantages too. They are being copied and forged in today’s deceptive world. Also, since a lot of personal information about an individual is available on that single piece of card, it is risky to lose it. Stalkers can take advantage of the information available on the ID cards or centralized databases to keep a check on the movement or activity of certain individuals. To add to the difficulties of carrying an ID card, think what you would do if at the time of an emergency, you realize you have lost your ID card? This shows how vulnerable and yet strong a creation Identity Cards are. You better be careful with yours!