Investment Proposal Templates

Investment proposal is often written by companies and folks to draw out financial investments from one or more parties. A well-written proposal can easily seize the attention of potential investors, therefore it is significant to address all requirements of reader while writing your proposal. It is important to address their apprehensions and questions in the tender to get a positive response. An effective proposal is usually divided into different sections including summary of information and supportive details to explain everything. You have to secure the interest of the investor and this can be done easily with the help of a well-written investment proposal.

Executive Summary

A standard investor proposal commences with an executive summary to explain why the funds are required and how the funds will be used. Some companies need investors for its establishment, but some private organizations may require partners to open a storefront. For instance, a boutique may require the investor to open a new branch in another location. Supporting details are always required in the proposal and the executive summary should be written impressively to grab the attention of target investor.

Return on Investment

It will be the next section in the speculation proposal, because an investor wants to know about the victory chances of a business enterprise before investing his money. In fact, the investor is taking a risk by investing in your business and case of failure of business, your ROI projections will help him/her to recover his money. You should explain the profit margin ration and the total time period to recoup the investment and profit. Highlight important details in the form of bullet points to make it easy for the reader to analyze your proposal. Financial benefits are the primary concern of every sponsor therefore it is important to gain the self-assurance of investors.

Free Investment Proposal Templates

Here are previews and download links of Free Investment Proposal Templates created using MS Word,

Investment Proposal Template 01
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Give Important Details of your Business

In order to gain reliance about your business, the investor will want to collect important details about it. He/she wants to know about your target, the number of individuals in your close proximity and your strategies to accomplish your goals. You have to explain considerable details about your competitors and work familiarity in the field to judge your qualifications to run the business. The investor will be interested to know the profit history and expansion plans of the company to determine the future needs of the business.

Financial Plan

Finally, the investor wants to see your financial plan and ROI summary before taking any decision. The financial plan should detail all costs linked with the successful running of the business, current funding and the procedures to use the funds of investors.

Common Mistakes in Investment Proposal

  • It is important to address the additional issues in the investment proposal to convince potential investors. It is important to strengthen your relations and to build good impression.
  • Some people forget to include their contact details that may cause problems for investors to reach you. Check your proposal twice and include all valid contact details in it.