Library Membership Card Templates

Library is an important place where you can find collection of books to get information on different subjects. It is a physical building or room to provide physical access to the important study material like books, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, films, maps, documents, micro-form, cassettes, videotapes, discs, audio books, databases etc. Libraries range in size according to the number of books and other materials but in order to manage the activities of library, all types of libraries use specific cards called library cards. Although some libraries use computerized catalog system but library cards are still in use. Library cards are arranged in alphabetical order in long drawers and each type of card is kept in separate drawer for the convenience.

Things to Consider While Designing Library Cards

Library card is quite important so it is essential to design it with full details and important contents. Following are some details that should be considered while designing library cards:

  • Card should contain details of main entry at the top portion because it is the most important information. Do not forget to leave one inch border along the sides so that you can insert contact number easily. In the main entry, you will write name of author(s) and in this section you can write almost three names but for more names you have to use the title of the main entry.
  • First paragraph should be started with the title of the book, DVD or CD that can be found on the title page. Do not forget to specify the format of non-print or electronic items in brackets right after the title.
  • Library card should contain the details of author, company, manufacturing details and time period. This type of information is usually known as statement of responsibility. For instance, the statement can be written as The Life of Roses/ Eros Production. The card should contain edition of the book after the period followed by two hyphens.
  • Do not forget to include publication information, name of city where the book was published, date of publication and the period. If the publication date is missing then replace it with the copyright date. Write number of pages after the period for your own convenient record.
  • ISBN and UPC code should be written on the library cards to increase their authenticates. Card should contain general topics of the books with keywords so that the reader can easily search the book without any waste of time.
  • Library cards are usually designed according to their type and nature such as the student library card features important details about student such as his/her name, class, subjects, residential address, phone numbers and a fresh photograph.
  • These kinds of cards are used to take any book from library for the certain period of time and after that time the management of library is responsible to take fine charges from you. Student library card usually contains space to write particular of students and a four columned table to write details of books issued on this card.

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