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We are living in a world in which no one has spare time and everyone is running towards achieving some kind of dreams or goals. This is the reason that people usually have planned to do a lot on the weekends or when they will have a vacation. These weekly tasks includes the less important or more time taking tasks which we can’t do in the rest of the week when we are going to a regular 9 to 5 job and by the time we come back to home, we are so tired that we can’t imagine doing laundry or cleaning the basement. Around weekends we have more spare time and we do the tasks that we were postponing for some time. But the problem is that when we need to do dozens of tasks on the weekends, we often forget some of them or almost spend doing a single one of them and by the time we realize that we still have a lot to do, there is no time for that and the weekend is over. So we need a weekly to do list.

A weekly to do list is a list that contains the information about the tasks we have planned to do on the upcoming weekend. This way we put all the necessary tasks in one place and then we decide which one needs to be done before others and which one can still wait for the next weekend. On this list we also allocate time frame or duration to each task so that we don’t spend all the time on mowing the grass in the lawn when there is a leakage in the basement that needs to be checked before anything else. This way you can also make plans with your friends because now you know that you won’t be doing anything around 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Sunday and in those three hours, you can go outside and hang out with your friends or checkout the latest released movies.

Here is preview of this Weekly To Do List Template created using MS Excel,

Weekly Task Planner Template

Here are the steps you need to follow while making a Weekly To Do List:

  • First of all, take a rough page and enlist all the tasks you are planning to do on this weekend and then see which one of them can be done on the next weekend and which ones need to be completed as soon as possible. This way you can give priority to important tasks and put the then above the less important ones.
  • Start by enlisting all the tasks and small description of each task on the left side of the page with serial numbers such as grocery shopping (need milk, corn flakes and eggs) or car inspection (wheel alignment and mileage checking).
  • Then put an estimated time in front of each task that you think you’ll take to complete it. This way you can find out the exact time you will need to complete all of these tasks and to see if you will have any spare time or not.
  • Then provide the specific time of the day for each task according to your own needs and situations. It will be better if you separate the Saturday’s and Sunday’s tasks in different categories.
  • Underline those tasks that need to be done by the end of the first day and leave those which can be done on Sunday. This way if you don’t have much time or you accidentally spent more time on a task, you can reschedule the rest of your weekend.

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