Event Plan Templates

Download these 50 Free Event Plan Templates to help you prepare your own Event Plan quickly and effectively.

There are many kinds of events that take place these days. There are wedding events, birthday events, social community events, cultural events, educational seminars and political functions. Usually a lot of people are invited to these events and it is very important to plan the whole event so that there won’t be any surprises for the organizer and everything will take place as it was arranged before.

Using Event Plan Templates:

There is no need to explain why it is important to plan an event because these events are the only occasion most of the time that provide a chance for the people to meet all of their friends and family members under one roof and they don’t need to arrange for time for separate visits to each of them. Also you can’t provide an excellent and unforgettable event without keeping your guests in mind and to arrange for the guests, planning is crucial.

When there are more than 50 or even 100 guests are coming to the event, it is not a simple or easy job to handle the responsibility and arrange for the food, sitting place and beverages for all of them. So, it is necessary that prior to the actual event, you plan the arrangements in order to test if it will work or not. For example, you know the exact number of guests coming to the event, so you can check how many tables and chairs have you ordered and if the food will be enough for them or you need to increase the arrangements.

Free Event Plan Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Event Plan Templates.


Tips to Plan an Event:

  • Always define your budget before planning the event so that you know where to start and where to stop with the money.
  • Send the invitations to all the guests at least 1 month prior to the event so that they can easily reply with yes or no.
  • When you know the actual number of guests coming to the event, make sure to arrange for all of them.
  • Always make sections of each part of the event and work in groups. Assign separate tasks to each participant so that you can work easily.
  • Always make a check list if you don’t want to forget anything important.

Things to keep in mind while creating an Event Plan:

  • The most important thing to consider in an event is the guest list. Make sure to keep all the guests in mind while planning the event.
  • Venue is also very important for planning the event and make sure there is enough room for the guests to walk around freely.
  • There should be enough tables to fit all the guests and the number of guests in each group depends on the size of the table.
  • Make sure that you put the guests together that want to sit together in groups.
  • Arrange for the important guests in front of the hall.
  • Flower arrangements should be attractive for the guests and there should be enough center pieces.
  • Food should be ordered while keeping all the guests in mind (vegetarian, non-vegetarian, kosher etc).
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