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Sometimes it’s necessary that you remember the exact conversation you had with one of your clients, partners or someone else over the phone. But it’s not always possible to recall that conversation or to remember it exactly in the same way it happened. This is why it’s important to record the phone calls you receive or dial. Companies with maximum security of high profile work always use this logging in their offices and their employees are also advised to use some kind of recording program at home too. a phone call log is a device or software which is used to record the phone call conversations for a number of purposes. Sometimes the other person is asked if the company can record the conversation and if it’s an essential element the other party is just informed at the beginning that this phone call is being recorded for the security purpose. This way the company secures its position as if the other person is not aware of this recording, he can sue the company for not telling him or recording his voice without his permission.

It’s very important to understand that a civilian can’t record someone else’s conversation as he is intruding into someone else’s privacy and it’s a huge crime in many countries. But the government agencies can do this without one’s permission and there is nothing he can do about it. Intelligence agencies like CIA or ISI always reserve the right to intrude into the privacy of anyone’s private life for security reasons. If you remember a few weeks ago, an American ex-CIA agent revealed that the American government is recording private conversations of number of nations like China, Pakistan and India. Although it was wrong but the pentagon explained it as the essential step for the security purpose of American nation or to prevent the upcoming terrorist attacks.

Phone Call Log Format Guidelines

A Phone Call Log can be very complicated software which operates via internet where a simple log is just a piece of paper on which one writes information related to the phone calls he makes or receives. For example a company installs a call logging software in its staff’s computers and cell phone to record their conversation with the clients and customers in order to improve the customer care services where it also tells the employees to keep a documented proof of all the calls they receive or make along with the other person’s name, phone number, duration and time of the call. There can be an extra column in front of every call in which you can include any comments related to that phone call like if you want to call him back in the next week or something.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Phone Call Log Template created using MS Word,

Phone Call Log Template

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General uses of a Phone Call Log in our Daily Lives:

  • It helps the management to assess how the employees in the department are performing and where something is wrong which needs to be improved or changed.
  • It improves the performance of employees as they have a clear knowledge that they are being monitored.
  • This way the staff can be more secure and satisfied at the job and this log also helps to eliminate the threats a staff member might get.
  • This way the supervisor can present a real time example of an employee in order to teach the others lesson or to tell them how can they improve the quality of their duties.


Free Phone Call Log Templates

Checkout these previews of Phone Call Log Templates in MS Word as well as in MS Excel format.

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