Daily Workout Log Templates

A Workout Log which is also called Daily Exercise Log is a written document which keeps record of every act they perform in this scenario. It’s a very useful tool to record the fitness or progress of a person over time as he or she is working out. As one assumes or finds out that he is getting fat or taking an excessive amount of calories, it’s time for him to do some work out to lose the extra pounds around his belly or hips. A typical workout log contains information such as date, time of the day, workout type, duration and the expected amount of calories he thinks he has burned. Usually people consult a nutritionist to plan a workout routine for them but if you have a definite idea of the excessive amount of fats you have gained and the amount of calories burn during a specific workout, you can prepare a routine by yourself.

Workout Log also acts as a motivational tool as it tells you that yesterday you walked about 45 minutes so it’s time for you to walk about 50 minutes today. It also tells you that because of the weight lifting you have lose 2 inch fat around your belly in the past month so if you work harder, you can achieve a slim and smart physic in no time. It also helps one to stay focus and keep on the track to achieve a specific health related goal and it’s most unlikely that you will skip any day or hate the daily workout. This workout log also helps you to find out the most useful and less time consuming technique if you are living a very busy life. For example if you find out that yesterday you spend 1 hour walking and loss just 500 calories but you can still loss that amount by running for 20 minutes.

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Since the Workout Log is a written evidence of the achievements or accomplishments in front of you, it’s easier to stay focus and don’t lose the hope to achieve the per-defined goals. There are many ways to create a Workout Log as you can get help from professional websites or do it by yourself just by using a paper and pen. Also you can create a spreadsheet on your computer or laptop which makes it more professional and good looking.

Uses of Daily Workout Log in our Daily Lives:

  • Individuals use this log to locate the extra pounds in their bodies so that they have the exact idea about how much weight they need to lose.
  • People use this log to prepare a workout plan for them to lose weight or stay healthy.
  • Fat persons or those who think they are getting fat, use this log to see if they are really over weight or it’s just an assumption.
  • Doctors use this log in hospitals to prepare accurate calorie meals for the admitted patients.
  • Nutritionists, who are professional to plan a diet for an individual, use this log to create a diet plan for their customers.
  • Nursery schools use this log for the children to convince them to work out or do some exercise in the way they supposed to be.


Daily Exercise Log Templates

An Exercise Log is a written record of a person’s daily workout routines. People usually record their workout routines in order to verify if they are getting fit or still the exercise isn’t working. Recording workout routines or making an exercise log is a very useful technique which helps you to monitor your weight loss, strength you gained over time and results of the workout on your body muscles. Many people, who use a workout log, consider it as the most important thing which inspires them and keep them motivated to work harder. Sometimes it’s important that you lose some weight or burn the extra calories which you have gained during the past few days as you don’t want to get fat or look ugly. There are many other techniques that help you to lose some weight but working out is the most convenient and easy way to do so.

A common exercise log contains workout information such as date, time of day, type of exercise, duration of the workout and the expected calories you burned with the workout. To give a broader overview of a person’s health, it’s important that the exercise log also includes some personal notes such as the mood of the person during and after exercise, weight before and after exercise, amount of sweat the exercise produced and if that person is feeling any discomfort after a specific act. As you are trying to lose some weight, you may also keep a food log or calorie intake log which shows the amount of calories you are taking, some people also put that information on the exercise Log as it’s easy to check and operate in this way.

There are number of exercises that your health instructor has advised you to do which may include walking, running, weight lifting, yoga and many others. Sometimes it’s not that easy to remember all those workouts and it’s even more complicated when you are asked to perform a specific workout routine every day. Health instructors also provide a brief description of every workout technique and the calories burned in one hour if you perform it. This way you can prepare a schedule by yourself for your daily workout such as you can walk for one hour on Monday where you run on Tuesday only for 20 minutes. Although the workout duration is different but the amount of calories burned during those exercises is the same.

General guidelines about where the daily exercise log is used:

  • People use this log at home to find their waist to hip ratio which tells them if they are getting healthy or need some more workouts.
  • Doctors and physicians use this log for the incoming patients to tell them if they need to put down some weight or not.
  • Physicians and gym instructors use this log to create a workout plan for their clients who want to cut some fat around their belly or hips.
  • Nutritionists use this log to create a diet plan for their clients if they are fat around waist or buttocks.
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