Weight Loss Log Templates

Download these 5 Free Weight Loss Log/Tracker Templates to help you keep good track of your Weight Loss Record.

If you think that you are getting fat or already gained a few extra pounds, it’s time to do some exercise or workout to lose the extra weight. Also if you have consulted to a professional health instructor and you found out that you are not fat but soon you will be, you can control it just by balancing you diet or taking the right amount of calories. In this process it’s very important to constantly keep an eye on your weight to make sure that you have lost just the extra pound. A weight loss log is the documented process to do this procedure so that you stay healthy and fit. There are mainly two types of weight loss log; one is based on diet as it calculates the amount of energy or calories you take and the other one is based exercise, it calculates the amount of workout you need to do to burn the extra few pounds. Also it’s mainly up to you if you want to keep a diet log or exercise log or both at the same time.

Using Weight Loss Log/Tracker Templates

Once you are sure that you definitely have gained some extra pounds or a few inch fats around your belly or hips, it’s important that you don’t lose too much weight in this process as it can be danger for your health. Also if you are on a diet, this log helps you to calculate the amount of calories your food includes and if it’s enough or excessive in which situation, you will need some exercise like walking, running or weight lifting. An average person needs about 1200 to 1300 calories per day and the excessive amount results into extra fat around buttocks. If you take the above mentioned amount, you will just provide the right amount of energy to your body but if your physic is bigger and the average amount for you is 1600, then what? You will soon loose so much weight that it can cause some damage to your body instead of making it fit.

Diet and Weight Loss Log

This is why it’s important to consult a physician or health instructor before you plan yourself a diet or exercise. A professional knows your body better than you and he can tell you more precisely about your body’s needs and demands. Also there are many websites that offer you to create a weight loss log online and it doesn’t cost you anything. But if you don’t want to do that you can make one by yourself at home. You will need a paper and pen to do so or use a computer to create a spreadsheet which is a more professional way to operate such a log.

General uses of a Weight Loss Log in our Daily Lives:

  • Individuals use this log to see how many extra calories they have gained and.
  • Doctors use this log in medical facilities to make sure that the patient is burning just the extra calories not the necessary ones.
  • Gyms and private health instructors use this log to find a right exercise for their client so that he loses only the extra calories.
  • Preschools and daycare centers use this log to measure the amount the students have burned during the workout or game.

Weight Loss Log/Tracker Templates

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