Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Are you looking for creating some great looking Baby Shower Invitations? Allow us to share with your wonderful set of Baby Shower Invitation Templates created in MS Publisher. These templates are made for boy and girl baby shower events and can easily be edited to suit any purpose you desire. As everyone knows that a baby shower event is filled with happy news of baby birth, so these templates actually reflect those feelings correctly.

Do you ever wonder what is the thing or element that forces you to go to a party or a social event? We think it’s the invitation that actually convinces us that the party we are invited to, is going to be awesome and we have to attend it. This explains that if you are planning a great party for any purpose, you need to focus on the invitations and the rest comes later. In the same manner, when you are planning a baby shower party, it’s very important that you emphasize on the invitation cards. A baby shower is a very common event or celebration in many cultures such as in Christian and Hindu religions, but this event is also celebrated in some Muslim communities too.

Free Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Baby shower is a celebration for the soon to be a mother lady and the basic idea behind this event is to shower that lady with gifts and good deeds by her friends and family members. If you are planning a baby shower event and looking for great ideas about invitation cards, we are here to help you out in a great way. With the following tips, you can easily manage to have a good event.

Here are previews of these baby shower invitation templates along with their respective download link,

Baby Shower Invitation Template for Boy


Always work with a theme:

Usually when the pregnant woman finds out the gender of her child, the entire baby shower party depends on that one element. If it’s a boy, the theme can be something like cow boy or just blue color arrangements where if it’s a girl, it can be a princess baby shower celebration or just pink color arrangements. Once you select the theme, your invitation cards should show off the same theme to the guests.

Try focusing on the lady and her child:

Although the guests are very important for the party but you shouldn’t ignore the one most important person in the whole event, the soon to be a mother and her child. When you are planning the invitation cards, it’s better to ask the woman about her preferences or you can just put her picture on the invitation cards. There are various options for you when you want to arrange for a customized invitation card and you can get help from various websites on the internet.

Add all the required information and details about the party:

A good invitation card is the card that includes all the information in one place and the guests don’t need to worry about finding any particulars related to the party. Here you need to mention the theme of the party, the location, time and date of the party, the duration of the event, foods that you are going to offer in the event and the list of items or gifts that the guests can choose from.

Always count your guests and then arrange for the invitation cards:

It’s never a good idea to order hundreds of cards without counting how many guests you actually want to invite. Yes it’s efficient to order the invitation cards at least 3-4 weeks prior to the event but you need to count the guests and then you can order the invitation cards.


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