Baby Shower Guest List Template

There are countless gifts that life has given us but the most amazing and miraculous gift is having a child. The feeling of soon to be a parent is matchless and there is nothing compare to it. When a woman is pregnant, her family and friends want to celebrate her happiness together so they organize a little celebration event called baby shower. It’s just a party in which only female guests are invited and each one of them would bring a gift for the lucky woman and they all sit together, play little games and enjoy the moments. There are some cultures that don’t like announcing or showing the pregnancy of their women to others such as Muslims and Sikhs because they have their own religious values and customs but other religions like Hindus and Christians celebrate this socially. The mother of the pregnant woman invites her friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers and they sit together and share their moments to educate the pregnant lady and to teach her essential ways to take care of the baby. There is nothing authenticated but the baby shower for the first child is more important than the second one or third one.

Although the most important person in this gathering is the pregnant lady but the guests that are coming to the party are also very important. Same like any other social event or celebration, the organizer also needs to send invitations for the baby shower party. It depends on your resources and the number of friends and relatives you have but the invited friends could vary from a dozen to hundred. So if you want to stay inside the budget and only invite the most important guests, you need to make a guest list for the baby shower. Here you can divide the total number of guests going to be invited and then both the families can invite equal number of guests for their grandchild. You can also come up with rules like those who aren’t in touch for more than 5 years, won’t be invited to the party no matter how important they are. You can also use this list to verify if you have sent the invitations to all guests and then mark the names of those who have replied with yes afterwards. You can also use this list to mention which guest bring what gift and which one gave you how much money.

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Here are the Guidelines to create a Baby Shower Guest List:

  • It’s advised that you prepare this list at least two weeks before the actual event but there are no definite rules so you can make it whenever you want.
  • Start by putting the name of the soon to be mother lady on the top of the list followed by the date when the actual event is taking place.
  • Then include the date of the event so throughout the process, you know how many days are remaining and how much time do you have.
  • Then put the names of all the guests that you want to invite in a list form with serial numbers to count at the end.
  • Then highlight those which are more important than others and circle the name of backup guests too.
  • As you send them the invitations, mention the names which have RSVP and leave those which haven’t replied yet.

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