Bid Proposal Templates

A Bid Proposal is a specific summary to prove your qualification for a specific job. It is a friendly way to communicate with the buyer and to show your interest in the job. In a Bid Proposal, you can write about your qualifications, experience, background, excellence in the job, accuracy and ability to meet deadlines. The qualifications section of the bid proposal will be divided into different sections including skills, education, the experience of past products, results of past products and the amount of your bid in the relevant currency. The buyer will select decision after reading your project.

Tips to Write Bid Proposal

Your bid proposal should be compelling enough, because it enables the buyer to judge your skills and qualifications according to his/her requirements. It is important to investigate the job properly before writing the bid, because the project owner wants to hire a highly skilled and qualified person. Following are some tips that will help you to write a competitive bid proposal:

Carefully select your project before bidding, because it is important to analyze your skills and abilities before writing. You can search lots of projects according to your skills and abilities, but do not try to bid on every project. You have to select one most resembling to your skills, qualifications and abilities.

Always read the details of project before writing a bid proposal. Read all instructions of the project and match your qualifications with the requirements of the potential employer. After reading the instructions of a bid proposal, answer the following questions before writing a bid:

  • Do you have enough qualifications of the project?
  • Can your expertise help you to complete the project successfully?
  • Can you provide relevant samples or references on the bid?

Do not send scripted bid proposals, because this sounds too perfunctory. It is the tactic of inexperienced people to send a scripted bid proposal. You have to send a unique and creative bid to show your interest and skills to handle the job. Try to consider the requirements of the buyer to meet with his/her standards. You can make your resume a part of your portfolio to explain all your skills and abilities.

Do not use impersonal tone while writing, because it will fail to impress the potential client. You have to write in a friendly and creative manner to prove that you are the right person for this job.

Do not be too hurried and work properly by utilizing available time. Although, it is good to place your bid earlier, but do not be hurried, because the haste makes waste. Collect important details and plan your writing schedule properly to meet with the needs of the reader.

Common Mistakes in the Bid Proposal

  • Do not underbid your fellow writers and select a reasonable price for the project not too high and not too low. Unreasonably priced bid will not favor you, and you may lose the project instead of winning it. Always do a fair, but healthy competition to get maximum benefits.
  • Do not forget to check the history of your buyer, it is important to know about the pattern and style of the buyer before writing your bid in order to get a positive feedback.
  • Do not forget to proofread your bid before sending a final draft to buyer, because any logical and grammatical mistake may portray your unprofessional image.

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