Wedding Gift List Template

Although the most exciting thing about a wedding is the beginning of a new journey but people especially the happy couple also looks forward to receiving the gifts from the guests they have invited to their wedding. A gift is something that shows your love and consideration towards another person and if you are invited to a wedding, it’s essential that you get them a gift for the wedding.

As the hosts of a wedding start sending invitations, they start to receive the gifts along with the RSVP from the guests. It may sound like an easy job but receiving and keeping record of those gifts is not a piece of cake. This is why you need to make a wedding gift list. It’s a list which includes the information about each gift such as who sent it, who received it, what the gift is and have you sent a thank you letter in return and many more.

By using this list, you can gather all that information on a single paper so that whenever you need to know which guest sent you what, you just need to take a look at the list, find that guest’s name and you have the information about the gift you received from this guest.

Benefits of using a Wedding Gift List:

The most important benefit of using this list is that now you don’t need to use another spreadsheet or a computer program in order to record the information about who sent you what gift and what the inventory information is. You can also mention the names of guests which you have already sent the thank you letter and which ones are still remaining. Years after your wedding, you can use this list to see what a specific person sent you as the gift and now what should you get him on his or his daughter’s wedding. As you keep updating this list with the gifts you are receiving, you can tell someone to get you something that you already haven’t received just by looking at the list. You can also use this list for number of other purposes such as mentioning the RSVP of guests, counting the exact number of coming guests and making sure each one of them has received the invitation.

Here is preview of this Wedding Gift List Template,


Here are the Guidelines to create a Wedding Gift List:

  • Start by putting the name of the bride and groom on the top of the list. Then mention the actual date of ceremony and the total number of expected guests at the wedding.
  • Then start putting the names of the persons who has sent you the wedding gift and you already has received it.
  • In front of each name, mention the type of gift that each guest has sent you such as juicer blender, blanket set, fancy china etc.
  • Mention the name of receiving each gift so that it’s easier to calculate the inventory afterwards.
  • Then mention if that person is coming to the wedding or he has sent this as a courtesy gift.

Also mention if you have sent the thank you note to which guest and which ones are still waiting for your thank you note.