Real Estate Brochure Templates

A Real Estate Brochure is a pamphlet or a leaflet that includes introduction of a realtor or a real estate dealer, his credentials, his areas of expertise i.e. types of real estate properties that he deals with and the contact address of the realtor. Real estate dealers or realtors use these brochures to introduce their services and offers to the customers and people in the city.

For example, as a realtor if you want the people in your city to know about your services and the fact that you deal in all kinds of real estate sale and purchase, you can use this real estate brochure. Realtors also use this brochure to inform the customers about the selling or buying process along with the particular services that are offered by them. On the other hand, some realtors also use these brochures to advertise a real estate property that is in the market for sale.

Designing a Real Estate Brochure:

As a realtor if you want to design a real estate brochure for your office, you should understand that you have to make it interesting and very simple so that people can understand it. You should include more pictures of yours with your satisfied customers in front of the properties that you sold dealt with. This way you can make the people focus on the customers and their expressions while standing beside you. While designing this brochure, dedicate each page to a certain type of information. For example, put your name and contact information on the front page, give photos of the properties that you dealt and the names of the satisfied customers on the second page and then include the particulars about the real estate on the third page. This is just an example and you can design your brochure in any way that you like or prefer.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Real Estate Brochure Template that we have created to help you get started quickly,


Important Tips to follow while designing a Real Estate Brochure:

  1. Know the basic purpose of creating this Brochure:
    It is really crucial that before you spend any time on the designing of your real estate brochure, you understand the purpose for which, you want to design it. This way with the key purpose in your mind, you can think in a single path without drifting to sides.
  2. Make sure to use a simple and easy design:
    Always go with a simple and very interesting looking design as it will attract more people. As this is a real estate brochure, you should always use more images and photos on the brochure and less written content.
  3. Understand how much money you want to spend on the design:
    A brochure with multiple colors costs more to print where a brochure with simple white and black contrast costs cheap for printing. This means before you put any creativity on the design, find out how much money you can spend on the design and then work on a suitable and affordable idea.
  4. Always register the design and get the copyrights:
    When you design a brochure and want to use it for long term purposes, you should register the design in the patent department so that no one else can benefit from your hard work.