Franklin Planner Templates

Franklin planner is sort of management system that is created in paper form. Mainly it is made of loose leaf paper and comes in ring binding. This planner can also be said a small private book that is used to manage personal records and information. Some people have used it as their book of bibliography. The pages of this planner are divided by month tabs. We can say that main purpose of having and using Franklin planner is to manage you personally. As concerned its size or volume, it comes in different versions that may include monarch, classic, compact, pocket and micro. Details and description of personal tasks to be performed are put in almost two pages of this planner. All important events, appointments and activities are listed on priority basis.

Franklin planner is mostly used by the people who plan their life on long term basis. They also keep yearly calendar in Franklin planner to manage their activities according to the available time. People do track their whole lives with help of Franklin planner system that is considered the best management system. If we talk about historical existence of Franklin planner, it is first time introduced in 1984. Here are some prominent features of Franklin planner like:

  • You can rearrange your views and thoughts about what you want to do.
  • It is customizable.
  • It is very close yet almost paper planning of your life.
  • It has e-mail options to track all your e-mail related tasks and activities.

Here are some Free Franklin Planner Templates ready to be downloaded. Anyone who wanted to plan their day, hour or week should use them with full confidence. These are 3 planner templates in deed. Here is a preview of one of these planner templates,

After considering features of Franklin planner, it must be understood how it is beneficial to the people who rely on it and their whole lives depend on the accuracy of this planning system.

  • First of all, having long term goals and objectives relevant to your personal as well as professional life become very important. You have to focus on what you want to do then it comes to manage all your tasks and activities according to Franklin planning system. Having vital goals and targets are important in the way that you can go ahead with your long term planning only in this way.
  • The other big advantage of having Franklin planner is to do things in their right time. You can avoid skipping things and activities when they are required to accomplish. This type of planning system is very important for the individuals who like staying sticking to their day to day routine and they don’t like interruption in accomplishing their activities.
  • With help of Franklin planning system, you can avoid so many things that should not occur in your life whether it is related to your personal or professional life.
  • Career development and being successful also depends on how your planning is. You can go through with all facilities of Franklin planning system to manage your career in the best way. The most important in this regard is that you have pre planned goals and objectives to achieve in your life.

We can say that when you have Franklin planner with you, you don’t need to have any other sort of planning activity to manage with your personal and professional life.