Strengths and Weaknesses Comparison Sheet Templates

As an employee, your strengths are the aspects of your personality that help you to perform in a better way. The professional and work related skills that you have, the abilities and the powers that keep you motivate are the strength of yours.

What is Weakness?

Think of this as something that is keeping you from performing in a better way. It is not a good idea to come up with the weaknesses in your personality and think of yourself less than others but you just need to keep in mind that you only need guidance in order to get over your weak points rather than asking people to treat you in a different way just because you have some weaknesses. It will be a lot better if you think of your weaknesses as the limitations that are not allowing you to give maximum performance in the work place.

How to compare your Strengths and Weaknesses as an Employee?

  • Ignore the weaknesses that are actually strengths:
    When we talk about our weaknesses, usually we also include some of the weak points of our personality that actually are the strengths. For example, not being able to work in a team seems a weakness but in reality, this gives you upper hand of thinking straight in a crowded situation.
  • Identify your real weaknesses:
    After that, think of the things that you are really bad at. For example, you can’t talk in a meeting when there are dozens of people staring at you and this explains that you are shy. When you can’t ask for help to anyone, it shows you hesitate in order to reach to other people.
  • Identify your actual strengths:
    Now it’s time to identify your real strengths and the powers that you have over other people in your office. This can be anything from being good listener to an excellent person with marketing skills or convincing people to do anything.
  • Get to know the bad aspects of your weaknesses:
    Once you have enlisted your weaknesses, it is time to think of the bad affects or bad perspectives of having these weaknesses. At this point, you need to come up with the areas or fields of your professional career in which you can’t perform better because of your weaknesses.
  • Come up with the technique to overcome your weaknesses:
    When you know your weaknesses and the real reasons behind them, it is time to get yourself together and start working on those weaknesses. You can get help from your councilor in the office, a therapist or just your friends who can motivate you to get over your weak points.
  • Think of how you respond to an unusual situation:
    At the end, think of a bad situation that could happen to you either in your personal life or at work. Then understand what your reaction will be in order to respond to that situation. With this point, you can find out if you have more weaknesses or more strength. This will help you to think of yourself as a better person and a person with really good skills and abilities.
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