Blank Certificate Templates

Sometimes you need a Blank Certificate Template to create your very own unique template. Here are such Free Blank Certificate Templates that anyone can use to create any kind of certificate quickly and effectively. Most of these Blank Certificate Templates are created using MS Word so that everyone can easily edit it. Remember to change existing data in these templates to your own before printing. We are sharing all these certificate templates here to assist in your Certificate Designing process. The core intend is to use AS IT IS as many other people will also be using them.

It happens sometimes that you are asked to print a Professional looking Certificate quickly. In such situation, our collection of certificate templates can rescue you. You will see a large variety of certificates to choose the most appropriate one for your purpose. You can also make sure that its format actually comply with your Educational Institute. Otherwise, you have to alter it a bit to make it Exact Match for your official color scheme.

Free Blank Certificate Templates

From word BLANK we mean these certificates contain all necessary data except the Assignee Name and Dates. Hence these are perfect for anyone looking for a ready made certificate to print. Don’t forget to replace placeholder names wherever found. You can also include your own Logo to help make it look like your own design. All these certificate designs are available for immediate download. You don’t have to worry about its royalty either as they are public domain designs.

Here is preview and download link of these Blank Certificate Templates.

Blank Certificate Template 01
Size: 623 KB
Blank Certificate Template 02
Size: 179 KB
Blank Certificate Template 03
Size: 396 KB
Blank Certificate Template 04
Size: 1 MB
Blank Certificate Template 05
Size: 2 MB
Blank Certificate Template 06
Size: 167 KB
Blank Certificate Template 07
Size: 1 MB
Blank Certificate Template 08
Size: 69 KB
Blank Certificate Template 09
Size: 220 KB
Blank Certificate Template 10
Size: 59 KB
Blank Certificate Template 11
Size: 77 KB
Blank Certificate Template 12
Size: 600 KB
Blank Certificate Template 13
Size: 527 KB
Blank Certificate Template 14
Size: 128 KB
Blank Certificate Template 15
Size: 803 KB
Blank Certificate Template 16
Size: 146 KB
Blank Certificate Template 17
Size: 529 KB
Blank Certificate Template 18
Size: 245 KB
Blank Certificate Template 19
Size: 94 KB
Blank Certificate Template 20
Size: 29 KB
Blank Certificate Template 21
Size: 51 KB
Blank Certificate Template 22
Size: 71 KB
Blank Certificate Template 23
Size: 191 KB
Blank Certificate Template 24
Size: 2 MB
Blank Certificate Template 25
Size: 323 KB
Blank Certificate Template 26
Size: 269 KB
Blank Certificate Template 27
Size: 62 KB
Blank Certificate Template 28
Size: 33 KB
Blank Certificate Template 29
Size: 13 KB
Blank Certificate Template 30
Size: 63 KB


Recognition Certificate Templates

Recognition certificate is such a document that is used to give an individual as giving him/her a piece of appreciation for his/her services, achievements, performance and success. This certificate is given by an organization, institute, academy, media association and other like that. Certificate of recognition is very special and important for the individual who is taking this and this is considered a gift, prize and an award as well. Giving and taking recognition certificate is absolutely a matter of pleasure for both sides. It is very important to recognize the services, performances and achievements of an individual when he/she is associated with an organization, institute and association. It is always the best token of appreciation for people who do something great in their fields.

Recognition certificate is created in a particular format containing some important information on it like:

  • Organization title
  • Name of person who takes certificate
  • Narration of achievements and services
  • Remarks

The above mentioned information is very necessary to add in recognition certificate to make it complete.

Recognition Certificate Design Guidelines

If you are looking for making a professional looking Recognition Certificate for your organization, you are suggested to follow the tips and steps given below:

  • Choosing recognition and words of appreciation and thanks are necessary to have before we start creating Recognition Certificate. These words are actually reason to please that individual.
  • We suggest you to make recognition certificate with help of template because it is easier and fast way to bring a professional look to recognition certificate. Templates allow you to make your required changes in recognition certificate. Templates also save your time and money for making good looking recognition certificate. The only thing you need to have for working with template is computer and internet proficiency.
  • Download most appropriate recognition certificate template as you will find lots of format of templates on web. You must keep in mind all your requirements to make a good recognition certificate.
  • Start writing contents and information to the given text boxes in the template. Complete the template to make recognition certificate and you may need to add some other text boxes in this template to accomplish the certificate.
  • Select the most attractive and professional like font style and size to make recognition certificate good looking and professional like. You will have to make font bold, italic, small and large in size as well.
  • Some design elements can also be added in making recognition certificate good looking. These may include borders and background colors. Backgrounds colors must be appropriate and don’t try to add more fancy and bright colors to the recognition certificate.
  • Leave a line for signature at the end of certificate, as it is very necessary content of each certificate.
  • Don’t add extra design features to the certificate because they are created in simple and nice way. An image can be inserted only as organization’s logo and monogram.

These are tips and steps to make a good Recognition Certificate by yourself.