Shipping Label Templates

Download these 19 Free Shipping Label Templates to help you design and print your own Shipping or Address Labels quickly and effectively.

Sending products or delivering the ordered items through cargo service is a standard procedure of business these days. People prefer to buy stuff online and ask the vendor or seller to deliver them at their doorstep. This way they have to pay the extra charges for the shipment but they get the product without going anywhere or involving in the complicated procedures of shopping. This is also a convenient method for those who don’t want to leave their homes or can’t due to some kind or disability. Now it’s the responsibility of seller that he delivers the product to the buyer either by himself or by hiring a third party who performs the shipment services. Either way the package has to include an address of the receiver’s home or office so that the cargo service has a destination to deliver the parcel. The address is usually attached with the package in form of a small piece of paper which is called an address label. This label includes the necessary information about the person who will receive it such as his name, address, contact number, postal and zip code and special instructions for him by the vendor.

As a package goes into cargo, it contains number of labels or slips such as the shipment slip, delivery slip and address label so if a company wants to save some money, it combines two labels and put a single one on the box which includes both types of the information. Such as a company can combine the shipment and delivery slip or the delivery and address slip which saves a lot of time and money. Although the standard procedure is to put separate labels but there is nothing wrong with combining it as it saves the carrier a lot of time. For example if you have ordered an electric appliance which you saw on a website and liked, you place the order online and ask the vendor to deliver the product at your doorstep and in this process, you accept the extra charges for the shipment too. Now the seller will ask you to provide your street address and contact number which later will be placed on the box that includes your product. This way the seller makes sure that the package arrives at the correct address otherwise he will be responsible in case of any misunderstanding or error.

Here is previews and download links of Free Printable Shipping Address Label Templates created using MS Word,

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Shipping Address Label Guidelines:

  • Before you start the designing, first you have to decide whether you want the label in short form or on a full size paper.
  • Many companies use this type of label for advertising purposes so you can also use it in the same way by putting your company’s logo on it.
  • This label will travel with the shipment and go through various types of situations like wet weather or dampness. That’s why it’s important that you laminate the label or make it waterproof in some other way.
  • Then put all the necessary information on the label such as:
  • Name of the receiver along with his street address and contact number
  • The postal and zip code of that person
  • The serial number of the shipment and the date it went into cargo
  • Any special instructions by the vendor for the receiver