Graph Paper Templates

Download these 26 Free Printable Graph Paper Templates in PDF format to quickly print graph papers at home. No matter if you are a student or businessman. Printed Graph Paper is a need of everyone now a days. Choose the most suitable format from the list bellow and download it on single click. You definitely need a Printer to print it out at office or home. Please note that we have colored Graph Paper Templates as well but you shall download them only if you have color printer available.

How to create Graph Paper in MS Excel?

Anyone can use Microsoft Excel in his/her PC to create and print graph papers. However for a new user, it can be tricky.
Check out this wonderful and very easy to following Video Tutorial to guide you as how to prepare your own Graph Paper quickly.

Free Graph Paper Templates

Here goes our collection of free Printable Graph Paper templates for you to download.

graph paper template 01

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Printing these Graph Paper Templates

After downloading, make share you have A4 Size papers available to print these graph paper templates easily.

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Common Uses of Graph Paper Templates?

Graph Papers are widely used by Students and Engineers to accomplish their day to day tasks efficiently. Anyone can easily print it at home for A4 or in Letter Sizes. But for a lot of tasks, you might need a bigger paper size. Hence buying it from a books shop can be handy solution.

Here are some of very common uses of Graph Papers that you can even do with our above collection of Free Graph Paper Templates.

  • To Draw Real Time Charts and Graphs
  • Analyze Quantities in Factions or Proportions
  • Evaluate Linear Equations or Complex Mathematical Questions.
  • Draw Angles on Coordinated Planes
  • Drawing different shapes like Hexagon, Pentagon etc.
  • Sketching Real Estate Projects

Printable Graph Papers by Type:

There are several types of Printable Graph Papers used in the market.  The most common type is with equal quadrants having properly labeled its axis and scales.


Graph Paper Template 01
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Graph Paper Template 02
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Graph Paper Template 03
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Graph Paper Template 05
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Graph Paper Template 06
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Graph Paper Template 07
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Graph Paper Template 08
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Graph Paper Template 09
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Graph Paper Template 10
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