Travel Budget Templates

Everyone wishes to spend time with his/her friends and family members therefore they plan to travel far away places in vacations. Travel planning is a complicated task because lots of expenses and arrangements are required in this regard. If you want to plan great vacations even with your limited resources then you have to design a traveling budget. Traveling budget planning will help you a lot to enjoy traveling within your required money. You have to plan in advance how to distribute your money among different expenses. A travel budget should be more than just a list of prices for plane of tickets and hotel bookings. You have to maintain your expenses in a way to enjoy comfortable traveling without taking any debt. Traveling budget planning will help you to figure out the total cost of traveling. It will prevent overspending on traveling so do not forget to design a traveling budget for yourself.

Free Travel Budget Templates

Here are several free Travel Budget Templates in MS Excel Worksheet format to assist you in planning and tracking your next family or business trip.


Download the link for this Business Trip Budget Template in MS Excel,

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Here comes another Travel Budget Template in MS Excel format but this time it’s for Family Trips. Anyone can easily plan their next Family Trip effectively with this simple Budget Planner Template.


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Tips to Design Travelling Budget

Traveling budget will help you a lot to plan everything within your available cost and in order to make your work easy I am going to share some tips for traveling budget planning:

  • You have to decide everything in advance such as how much you can spend on traveling. Keep your budget as flexible as possible because while traveling you require maximum money in order to make traveling enjoyable. Do not forget to have some costs in order to deal with unexpected situations.
  • Divide your traveling budget into four major categories such as transportation, hotel, food, and entertainment. Allocate a specific amount of money to each category in order to make the best plan.
  • Keep your budget flexible enough because, in case of emergencies or unexpected travel, you have to pay more amounts. Try to book everything in advance because advance bookings will save you cost so try to book your flights in the off-season and shop for traveling in the off-season also.
  • Create a list of places that you want to visit and have advance bookings. For this purpose, log in to their websites so that you can enjoy special discounts and coupons. Feature extra money for gifts and purchases for yourself so that you can buy any memorable item from the market.
  • Allocate money for different purposes such as clothing, important accessories, toiletries, and different other things. Try to include all things in your budget that are necessary to be accompanied you while traveling.
  • Create your traveling budget into a spreadsheet or word processing program to make sure it’s an easy modification. Plan your vacations in advance so that you can get the maximum value for your money. Keep your budget flexible to enjoy lots of new things.
  • If you need to buy something necessary for your travel then consider it as an important part of your budget and adjust these expenses in your budget too. You may need to buy a pet sitter, special clothing, and different other accessories according to the nature of travel.