Website Proposal Templates

Website proposal can be written in many styles; therefore it is important to consider the style and requirements of organization while writing a website proposal. The proposal should be written according to the expectations of the customers to give a personalized touch to it. You should include some key elements in the website proposal to make it perfect. Always remember that you have to face heavy competition in the field of website designing and development, therefore your website proposal should be unique with all important points.

Define the Scope of Website Proposal

In the first step, you have to write the summary at the start of proposal to discuss the contents of the proposal with prospective clients. It will enable you to convey your message in a better way. You have to make sure that you understand everything and can work accurately according to the expectations of your clients. Outline your proposal design with the help of wire-frames and use prototyping or diagramming software as per your convenience. It is important to outline your functionality (connectivity and interactivity) in the website proposal.

Specify the Cost of Project

It is important to clearly write the cost of the project, either rate per hour or the price of the total project. If you are writing per hour rate, it is important to write expected man hours. Carefully estimate the cost after estimating expected expenses. Consider incidental cost and third-party vendor costs, including domain names, hosting and added services. Delineate additional costs that will be incurred, because the reader wants to know everything regarding the project.

Quantify the Time

Write estimated time required for the completion of the project and specify when you will be able to deliver the project and write impacts of additional revisions. Set your milestones according to the project and discuss them with your customer. It is important to inform customers about expected deliverable at each target.

Estimate Total Cost

It is important to estimate accurate cost required to complete the project within in available time. It will help you to provide an exact date for the final delivery of the project. Effective communication with customers is important to explain your all needs accordingly.

Sell Your Skills

You have to sell the skills of your team with the their contact details and background. It will enable you to satisfy clients that you are the right person to meet with the expectations of the potential clients.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Website Proposal Template created using MS Word,

Common Mistakes in Website Proposal

  • Unfocused and irrelevant details may lead your website proposal to failure, because potential clients always want accurately written proposal with complete details.
  • Follow an outline and instructions of potential client to provide an accurately drafted proposal. It should include important details, and avoid the use of jargons and technical words. Write important notes and citation at the end of each proposal to explain technical points.
  • Proofread your proposal more than twice to avoid logical and grammatical errors, because these errors may portray a wrong first impression on the potential client, and you will not be able to get the project.