Service Agreement Templates

Download these 36 Free Service Level Agreement Templates a.k.a. SLA Templates to assist you in drafting your own Service Level Agreement effectively.

SLA or Service Level Agreement Is a legal commitment of service provider and a customer.  This is basically, the legal binding between service provider and the person who is receiving services.  The key elements of a good Service Agreement includes the responsibilities of both parties, quality and even the availability between client and the person who is rendering the services.

The core objective is that, both parties should know each other’s rights and obligations clearly. This agreement should be between two parties but, third party can also involve to support the contract in particular cases where 3rd party security is required. You shall mention job description, rewards and penalties during the service period as well.

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Service Level Agreement Guidelines

In 1988s, Service Level Agreement was used for the very first time but, now a days its almost require by every employee or employer. This type of Service Agreement is useful to maintain the quality among both parties to get desired result. Basically, this is the comparison between the internal services provider, and the external services provider also. The output is basically, the result of the person who is proving services.

There are many types of Service Level Agreements. In the customer based SLA there would be customer group and to determine which kind of services they will require. While in an organization you will see SLA between the supplier and organization while making finance system, payroll and billing system as well. In the service based SLA, you will see there will be agreement between the customer and the person who is proving services. For example: A person who is providing routine services and he can even offer some other maintenance services also. In the multi-level SLA services would be same but, customers will be different.

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Preparing Service Level Agreement

In the SLA Agreement you will see there should be mentioned the type of service that should be provided. If you are providing specific services and additional service that should be mentioned. You shall mention the desired performance, and the reliability also. A good service should be provided at the minimum interruption. If the customer will demand something than, response him effectively should be mentioned. This is also very important to mention monitoring process and to report service process also. This component will describe how you will run the inspection process as well.  You shall also mention the procedure as how you will perform and report about your services. In the retort time frame you have to investigate about the issues.

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Key Points in Service Level Agreement

In the Service Agreement you will see there must be mention the date of agreement and the name of person who is receiving services and the person who is receiving services as well. If both parties want to impose some conditions than state them clearly in the official draft of SLA. The address and proper signatures are necessary at the bottom of the signature.

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Advertising Agency Service Agreement Guidelines

Advertising Agency Agreement is a legal document that binds the advertiser and the advertising agency. The advertiser can be an individual or an organization that wishes to place an advertisement in order to reach out its target audience or target market for its products and services. The advertiser will engage an advertising agency to produce the marketing content. It is wise for both parties to go into an agreement to outline the rights of each party involved. The Advertising Agency Agreement will describe the legal rights to the work developed by the advertising agency chosen by the advertiser. This article will focus on the Advertising Agency Agreement guidelines.

First of all the Advertising Agency Agreement should acknowledge the parties involved. It should clearly indicate the names, full address and contact information of the advertiser if it is an individual. If it is a company then you can include the same details of the company. Also include the details of the advertising agency or the marketing service provider. The agreement should also have the date, month and the year that the agreement was signed. This is important to mark the start of the contract term and also to show the exact details of the contract. These details are crucial since it is a legal document that can be used for legal procedures.

The Advertising Agency Agreement should also clearly outline the engagement between the advertiser and the advertising agency. The advertiser engages the agency to render the advertising services in regards to the advertiser’s planning, preparing and placing the advertisement. Then the advertising agency agrees to render the services. The advertiser will present his proposal products and services for the agency to analyze and prepare their advertising proposal to the advertiser’s approval. So before the advertising agency goes to an agreement with the advertiser, they should have all the details of the advertising service. So the terms will be outlined clearly and there will be no misinformation.

The advertising payment should also be included in the Advertising Agency Agreement, so that both the parties can agree on the charges and mode of payment. The advertising agency will quote the advertising charges depending on the products and services that the advertiser has presented to them. The advertiser will negotiate the price if it is too high and both parties will settle on the price that is fair to both of parties. The agreed charges will then be put down in writing. This is important so that after the work is done the advertiser will pay the amount agreed and everything will be settled fairly without having any disputes. The agreement should also show the payment frame time, if the payment is paid in installments.

Lastly the Advertising Agency Agreement should indicate the terms and condition of the content use and possession during the term of the agreement. The contract should also outline the terms of contract termination in the event where either of the parties violates the contract. Also leave a space for both parties to sign the contract showing their commitment to the agreements.