Rental Agreement Templates

Here is our collection of Free Rental Agreement Templates to help you prepare your own Rental Agreement.

Do you need a Rental Agreement Template to prepare your next house renting agreement? Here are such professional Rental Agreement Templates that can assist you in this very task. Professionals wrote these templates in a very simple yet comprehensive way. Feel free to modify its look & feel as per your requirement. Make sure you have party signatures at the end of your agreement as it is vital from a legal point of view. Since these Rental Agreement Templates are in MS Word Format so it is easy for everyone to tailor it as per requirements.

All these agreement templates are available for immediate download. You just need MS World on your PC or Laptop to start editing these agreement samples. Remember to change its contents as per your situation and requirements before printing.

Rental Agreement Templates

Rental Agreements are quite critical to document your property rent either residential or commercial. It helps both parties to safeguard their rights and concerns regarding this transaction. We have shared several Rental Agreement Templates just to help you prepare your own agreement quickly. Depending on your situation, you can download one or more agreement samples below.

Here are previews and download links of these Rental Agreement Templates,

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Rental Agreement Format

The rental agreement is a contract between the tenant and the landlord. This agreement grants certain rights to both the tenant and landlord. More importantly, it gives certain responsibilities to the concerned parties. To gain the status of a law-abiding citizen you need to understand your rights as well as your obligations and your rights. There are certain terms and conditions given in this agreement and when both parties get agreed to those conditions then the agreement is actually signed. Any terms and conditions that seem to be violating any basic legal rights, will be rejected on their own. There are certain things that are of supreme importance while making a rental agreement. Both parties involved in the deal should have a detailed insight into the agreement before signing the final agreement.

All sorts of confusion and disagreements should be settled before signing the final agreement. Avoid oral promises and deals, everything that is legal and important should be settled by sharing written proposals. Being a tenant you should be alert and list down all the problems you observed in the apartment before shifting in. Keep your landlord fully aware of these problems that were there before your arrival so that the landlord could not blame you for any related damage afterward.  Get the proper information about the apartment and all the available facilities before making a final agreement. Divide different departments between you and the landlord on a timely basis, it means deciding who’ll pay for hot water, heat, electricity, parking, etc. Be sure about the working conditions of all the available utilities and appliances.

Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions

The landlord should provide a written “smoking policy.” This will make it clear which areas are prohibited from smoking. You need to know this before you sign a rental contract. If you are sharing rent with your roommate then beware, because in case if you’ll partner will not pay the rent your landlord can charge it from you. You can talk with other tenants who used to live in that apartment, you can inquire about the building as well as the reputation of your landlord. Properly check the windows and doors and their condition as it’s important for your safety. Try to buy a tenant’s insurance policy in order to gain some protection for your furniture.

Make some arrangements to keep the records of your agreement with your landlord. Especially the record of these items is important, your rental agreement, security deposit receipt, list of things not in good condition in the apartment, landlord’s address, and phone contacts. If you’ll provide solid proof of your financial responsibility, that will generally help in negotiating with the landlord. You should be thorough in defining the terms and conditions of the agreement. This can make the agreement easier to understand for all the parties. It’s a common experience that if the two parties demonstrate a mutual understanding of the terms and conditions of the contract then it can avoid a lot of problems. Mutual understanding to satisfy the concerns brought by either party can aid in creating a valuable rental agreement.