Rack Card Templates

Business cards, flyers, brochures and gift certificates are some famous tools in the paper marketing as these are considered as inexpensive and effective ways to grab the attention of target market. Rack card is a good addition in paper marketing materials because these can effectively sell your products and services with a pithy design and key phrases. It is an important promotional tool that is easy to design but some level of competence is required for its designing. These are considered as concise, effective and affordable tools to convey important details about your goods and services in handy way. In order to maximize its importance and impact, it is important to use key features of your products and put great attention on its design. The basic purpose of the rack cards is to decrease the gap between printed marketing and online presence.

Tips to Design Rack Cards

A well designed rack card is always required to get potential benefits for your business. Following are some tips that will help you to design an effective rack card without any error:

Simplicity and size are two important factors that can make your rack card powerful, clear-cut and influential marketing tool. Size of a standard rack card can be 4 by 9 inches because this size is suitable for the easy exhibit in the high traffic areas and expedient for the target people to pick up and carry.

Carefully pick colors and the graphics for your rack card because eye catching color and graphics can work really well to grab the attention of target audience. Choose professional colors and layout for your rack cards for good first impression.

Contents of the rack cards may vary according to your needs such as some rack cards subject different ideas including overview and prologue of the corporation, mission proclamation, sales events and promotions, specific merchandise information, declarations and informational as well as instructive contents.

Selection of size is really important as it will tell you about the capacity of contents you can add on your rack card. Carefully choose color for your card because irritated and sharp colors can reduce the effectiveness of your rack cards. Pick eye friendly colors for the convenience of your target audience.

Top portion of the rack card should include a catchy title, logo of the organization and the name of your business. Eye catching and colorful photos of your business maters a lot so do not forget to take original photos of your business or its products or services according to the subject matter.

Rack cards are considered as high touch promotional tools because people find it easy to pick up your card and carry it with them. You should maintain some standards in the designing of your rack card as the selection of both colors and the quality of contents matter a lot in the effectiveness of the rack card.

Here is preview f a Free Printable Rack Card Template created using MS Word,


Your contents should be your main focus and for this purpose prepare a rough draft for your message. It will help you to fine tune your message according to the mindset of your target audience. A well designed card will increase the number of potential customers in better way.