Monthly To Do List Template

In this modern world, the technology has shared some of our duties but there are still somethings or acts that home with family and doing usual household repair and maintenance tasks. But usually we are so busy in our lives and jobs that we can’t spare time to look after the house that needs some repair or usual maintenance work. So, we postpone those tasks to weekend or end of the month. For example, you can’t go to shopping every day and you have to wait for the weekend to go to a superstore and buy food and other stuff. Again, there are some things that you can’t do on every weekend, so you postpone those tasks to end of each month. Stuff like cleaning you garage, mowing your lawn, inspection of the basement and water fixtures a computer can’t do, and only humans can do that such as playing with your kinds, spending time at and periodic maintenance of your car. This type of task can wait for months unless, there is some emergency and you usually plan to perform these works once in a month because they are time consuming.

But the thing is that if you don’t plan the monthly tasks properly, you won’t be able to complete them at all. So, you need some kind of planning method or a tool to schedule the monthly tasks and a “monthly to do list” is one of them. There are number of benefits of this list, but the most important benefit is that you can complete all the tasks and still spare some time to do an extra work or a little time by yourself. In order to make this list, first you need to remember all the tasks that you want to do at the end of the month and then put them on a paper. Now estimate completion time for each task and put it in front of each. It’s possible that you will have dozens of stuff so find out which ones are more important than others and then highlight them to give priority. This way you won’t need to remember these tasks at the end of the month, and you can go all of them by using this scheduler or to do list.

Monthly To Do List Guidelines:

  • First of all, take a page and put all the tasks you are planning to do at the end of this month. Then see which one of them can be done in the next month and which ones need to be completed as soon as possible. This way you can give priority to important tasks and leave the others behind for a while
  • Start by enlisting all the tasks and small description of each task on the left side of the page with serial numbers such as car checkup (brakes and head lights) or geyser repair (cleaning of radiator and air nozzles).
  • Then put an estimated time in front of each task that you think each task take to complete. This way you can find out the exact amount of total time that you will need and for the spare time, you can plan something else.
  • Then provide the specific time of the day for each task according to your own needs and situations.
  • Highlight the tasks that need to be done immediately and leave those which can wait for another month. For example leakage in garage is more important than having new tiles in bathroom.