Monthly Calendar Schedule Templates

It is quite difficult to keep all of the events, appointments, meetings and other reminders and matters of the life in order. It’s where the importance of using a calendar comes in. Nowadays, a calendar is not just a source that provides information about dates and days, but also used as a personal organizer where a person can manage his or her personal and/or professional schedules, time and activities, especially when they have a lot of school, work, and family commitments.

A monthly calendar schedule shows dates, time and weekdays of a specific month. It allows you to get organized by recording the important events of your life that you want to remember in future. The best thing about using it is that it helps in keeping track of all the important events of your everyday life for the entire month. You can use it as both your work and family calendar in order to bring balance in all fields of your life.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Monthly Calendar Schedule Template created using MS Excel,


Although you can use a monthly calendar schedule in any way you like, however, here are a few tips that will guide you on how to use it so that you can manage your time and your daily routine in a proper way.

  • Highlight or underline or mark special days using bright colored marker or pencil, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holiday/s, etc. This will allow you to see at a quick look on which date and day they fall in the current month.
  • Highlight or draw a border around the notes area so that it can be prominently seen from the calendar section.
  • If you want, you can highlight all the dates written in a monthly calendar so that you can see them easily.
  • Mark dates that have some kind of influence on your life. For example, mark the religious or civil holidays, Veterans Day, date on which daylight savings time ended, dates on which a bank holiday falls, etc.
  • Do not do too much color coding on your monthly calendar schedule. It is not only distracting but also sore to the eyes. However, at the end of the month you can color code the important appointments or meetings for the future reference.
  • Include things in your monthly calendar schedule that are important and you do not want to miss them. These things need not to be of professional nature, like appointments. It could be anything from your daily routine life. For example, the date on which you go for grocery items, milestones for the kids, issues related to house like when you bought the new sofa or when your room was renovated or when your tap started leaking.
  • Use symbols in your monthly calendar schedule in order to save space for other important details.
  • Ensure to include times when recording the events and appointments.

In short, a monthly calendar schedule is very important to keep an eye on your daily routine life. If used properly, it can be quite helpful in making your future plans.


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