Export Packing List Templates

Download these 21 Free Export Packing List Templates to help you prepare your own Packing List and then print it to use it for your professional requirements.

If we define the export packing list in simple words, it’s the list that is glued outside of a box being sent to another location via cargo and this list shows the weight of the package, the volume of the box, and the type of cargo i.e. domestic or international. When someone orders something online, the stuff is delivered to his doorstep but this process involves a number of employees such as the supplier and cargo staff. In some cases, it’s also called a packing slip or delivery slip where cargo companies usually refer to it as the transport or shipping document. This list is required for both delivery purposes and to ensure the government shipping departments that everything is going according to laws and regulations.  This is the same document that is stamped by the local cargo authorities when they allow a shipment to travel internationally and this is the same list that is verified by law enforcement agencies in the other place to make sure that the box contains what’s written on the packing list.

Export Packing List Format

When a cargo company is sending out thousands of deliveries both local and international on daily basis, it’s not uncommon if a package is sent to the wrong address or something is gone missing during the shipment. This list includes information about the inside items of a package along with the address of the receiver on the other end. The most important benefit of this list is that when someone receives it, he can make sure it’s the right delivery and contains all the required items as per the order he made. If there is something missing or the address is wrong, the package is simply returned to the sender’s address which is also written on this list. Although this list is supposed to contain information about the insides sometimes companies put extra information on this list in order to save money for other lists or slips. It usually includes the names of the sender, buyer/receiver, shipper, and invoice number, date of shipment, inside items and their quantity, description of each item, and special instruction to carry or place the package if there is something fragile in it.

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Export Packing List Guidelines:

  • At the top of the list, put the invoice details of this shipment such as the invoice number, invoice date, date or order placement, shipping date, and the file number.
  • Then include information about the shipper such as the name of the Cargo Company, consignee, and estimated time of shipment.
  • Then provide shipment-related information such as the customer PO number, PO date, currency, payment terms, method of transportation, and the number of packages and gross weight of the whole consignment.
  • Then include the information about the inside items such as the quantity of each item, a little description of each item, and the units inside the box.
  • In the end, provide both the sender’s address and the receiver’s address along with contact numbers and email addresses.