Birthday Party Guest List Templates

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Birthday parties are in existence for as long as we can think and maybe it’s not possible to find out the actual start of this celebration, but people of all cultures and religions are doing it for so many centuries. A birthday party is the most important social event after a wedding ceremony and people generally invite many guests to the party for their child’s birthday or even their own birthday. Although it’s more fun to celebrate the birthday of a child adults even aged people also celebrate their birthdays with their families and friends. At a birthday party, guests are invited to share happy moments together where each guest is supposed to bring a gift for the lucky person along with a greeting card. The birthday person blows out the candles and cuts the cake, and everyone tastes it and enjoys the party. The number of guests depends on your resources and the type of party you want to organize such as a big gathering in the backyard of your house or just the closest relatives inside the living room.

If you are planning to organize a birthday party for your child or yourself but you are supposed to stay within the budget, you need to organize everything efficiently. The first and most important thing is the number of guests you can afford at the party and once you have decided, everything else comes after that. The amount of food you are having depends upon the number of guests you are invited, and the sitting plan also depends on this one factor. So, you need to prepare a guest list for your birthday party. This way you can add the names of those who you really want to be with you at the party and those who are just backup guests in case someone backs out. You can also divide the number of guests in half so both parents can invite an equal number of guests from their sides. This list can be used to mark the guests which have decided to come to the party and this way you can count the exact number of guests coming to the party. Once the guest has sent you the RSVP, you can also use this list to mention the gifts each guest has given you or your baby.

Free Birthday Party Guest List Templates

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Birthday Party Guest List Guidelines:

  • It’s essential that you create this list at least two to three weeks before the actual event so you have plenty of time to decide which ones you want to invite.
  • Start by mentioning the name of the birthday person at the start of the list along with the date of the event so you always remember how much time you have.
  • Then enlist all the names of the guests that you want to consider for the invitation to the birthday.
  • Then highlight those which are more important than others so that you first send the invitations to them and then see if there is any room for the remaining people or not.
  • Circle the names of backup guests at the end of the list so that if any guest backs out, you can invite a backup guest.