Address Book Templates

In this modern age, some individuals still consider the free printable address book templates, excel, address list in a spreadsheet, mail merge, and labels in Excel. These templates can be easily found on the internet, in free e-books, and as Microsoft Office Add-In. The use of these templates is more than handy and practical, especially when you are constantly attending to business or personal contacts. However, with the growing trend of printing, it has also become more complicated to create a template that would look great on a white or black piece of paper. Thus, this demands for people have the skills and knowledge in using the various computer programs for designing templates.

There are several ways to personalize your templates. You can either do it through the usual way wherein you copy down the name and address of the recipient, or via digital means like PSD, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or others. The most preferred templates are those that incorporate personalized photo art. This is because digital photos make it more memorable and beautiful. One of the most popular forms of personalized wallpapers or photo art is the ones that contain a monochromatic or gradient background.

A lot of businesses have been utilizing custom address book templates. Because, it creates an effective tool for creating professional-looking letterheads, envelopes, memos, and other business documents. In using this software, it is essential that you have the right software installed such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Corel Draw.

In this modern age, people do not keep an address book with them wherever they go. Nowadays you can store all the information of your contacts on your mobile or tablet. But to organize the details you need to use a structure that stores the information in an easily understandable manner.

An old-fashioned address book is still very beneficial and useful. For instance, if you lose your phone or someone snatched it then you will be lost all of your contacts and their details. But address book templates are the solution to this problem. Meanwhile, you can prepare an address book and can use it in soft form or in print. You can also save at multiple places.

Many templates are available on the internet that you can use to prepare a good address book. To make it easy for you, we have posted some free and modifiable address book templates below. These templates are easily editable and provide you with the facility of customization. Meanwhile, you can make changes to these templates as per your need. To download our templates just click on the download button that is provided below each template. Our professionals have created these templates by seeing the need of the users. So you must check them and we are confident they will surely help you out. So hurry up..!

Free Address Book Templates:

Address Book Template 01
Address Book Template 02
Address Book Template 03
Address Book Template 04
Address Book Template 05

Guidelines to Prepare a Good Address Book:

If you have not learned how to properly use these programs, it may cause you a lot of problems in the end. So, below are some helpful tips that you can follow in order to produce quality and original personalized templates.

Microsoft Word is the most commonly used spreadsheet application, which is widely used by people around the world. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that is capable of creating complex documents. Using it to create address book templates is quite simple. Meanwhile, all you have to do is to go to your files menu. After that click on the templates tab then choose the one that you want to use. After you have selected the one you want, all you need to do is to fill out the blanks and click on the print button.

One important thing that you need to remember when creating your own free printable address book templates is the size of the sheets. If the sheet is too big, the size of the image would be too large to be printed. For example, if you have created a six-by-eight-inch image, it would not be possible for the printer to print it out at once. The result would be an unusable jpg file. So, always make sure that the size of the template is not more than six by eight inches in order to avoid problems like printing black outlines.

Another important factor that you need to consider when creating address book templates for children’s books is the aspect ratio. If the dimension of the image is not consistent between the top and the bottom of the image, the final product would look disjointed. Further, to have a better and more consistent image aspect ratio, you may either use a grid system or regular image editing software.

Creating address book templates for kids should also be based on what the kids want to print out. Since they are the future of marketing and advertising companies. Companies should always come up with innovative ideas when it comes to designing and printing their business cards. In this case, you will not only need to consider their age but also their likes and dislikes. For example, if the kid prefers an image of a car rather than a blaring headline, you can include this among your list templates in an Excel spreadsheet.

Finally, you should also see to it that the content of your templates is as consistent as possible. This means that all the information should be printed on the same line. As an example, you should have an address list template that has the name, address, and phone number of the individual on the front and the company logo on the back. In this way, the kids will be able to easily identify the person in case they see the same name, phone number, and logo on different promotional materials or other printed materials from different companies. With these, you will have an easy time creating an address function for kids. It is an excellent way of presenting your company’s contact details at the same time.